Commentary: Eyes wide open when supporting the president

In response to the commentary article on Dec. 17 by Ken Abraham “Half Truths and Misinformation to boost Trump”, Methinks thou dost protest too much when critiquing my views concerning President Trump.

I, of course, realize that his opinions do not coincide in any way, shape or form with mine on the POTUS, may I assure Mr. “A” that I have not nor never have been blindfolded and my hearing is just fine. How thoughtful he should be concerned for my well being.

I may be more well informed than Mr. “A” believes. I am not oblivious to the actions President Trump has, quite successfully, taken, endeavored and pursued. Relative to Mr. Abraham’s reference to (a) Trump’s rejection to willingly participate in the Democratic impeachment inquiry by refusal to accept unjustified subpoenas requested by House Democratic warlords; quite frankly, what intelligent individual would willingly enter that lion’s den of condemnation and inequity?

Regarding (b) the EPA regulations that have been removed have enabled many Americans to once more compete equally in the sale of their products; thereby, providing many Americans to attain well-paying employment opportunities that had not been available in the prior Obama Administration. America, at last, is no longer referred to as Regulation Nation.

(c) Tweeting is today’s manner of communication to any current event. Everyone is capable of doing it. America is not the laughingstock in the world. Quite to the contrary, America is not thought of as before a willing participant with both ally and foe as a weak, do-nothing of substance country. Our allies may be displeased at the direct Trump approach. They have, now, as never before, been able to sweet-talk and manipulate prior uninformed politicos who never have put America first. They preferred to enjoy the “nice guy” Democratic politicians who only gave them, most willingly, what they always wanted. They now are aware that will not happen with 45 in the Oval Office.

(d) Trump is no traitor to the country that he loves. If you have read the transcript of the telephone call on July 25 with Ukrainian President Zelensky no improper conversation was heard and Zelensky stated that he received no pressures from President Trump or anyone in his administration. Ukraine did receive their necessary armaments within the month of September as originally determined to be delivered. The subject should have been ended at that point in time. The dedicated, demonic Democrats could not release their bone of contention and doggedly continue to put America through this intolerable impeachment fiasco.

The Mueller Report may have brought monies into the Democratic coffers but after the long months and expense secured no firm documentation of any wrongdoing by President Trump was forthcoming. Mueller’s congressional testimony never gave any firm confirmation of the president’s errors, misjudgments or unlawful actions. Should be interesting to review the upcoming Durham report that should clarify any questionable areas.

The law professors who appeared before Nadler’s Judiciary Committee were primarily Democratic chosen participants. Three out of the four stating their views on impeachment and President Trump’s participation initiating their search for truth. The one law professor from George Washington University, Jonathan Turley -— the one legal scholar who disagreed with the other three assessments as unwarranted and unjustified as any impeachment conditions or errors.

Mr. “A’s” reference to the additional cast of thousands academic professors who agree with the three Nadler preferred participants, it is a fairly known fact, that today’s professors in academia are primarily liberally inclined. No shock there where their opinions originate shaping and inflicting young minds to their liberal, socialistic beliefs.

In conclusion, may it not be troubling to the anti-Trump Mr. Abraham that many people may be agreeing with me and many more like me who will become or remain a President Trump supporter. Particularly when entering the 2020 voting booth and vote for President Trump.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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