Commentary: Fighting the propaganda war around Iran

After watching CNNs Frederik Pleitgen interview Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif it became very clear that CNN is trying to make the killing of a terrorist look like an illegal murder by Trump.

In the interview, Zarif said Soleimani was a national hero in Iran, no mention of the number of Americans Soleimani killed, not the 650 dead and over 2,000 wounded American soldiers Soleimani is responsible for.

CNN let Zarif describe what Soleimani was doing in Baghdad as a humanitarian, he was trying to stop the violence. We know that is untrue. Our own intelligence knew why he was there, to kill people and damage Iraq-American friendship so as to get the Americans out of Iraq so Iran can take over.

Zarif also said the attack on our embassy in Baghdad was on Iraqi citizens. Untrue again. Intelligence knew they were Hezbollah soldiers without guns, following Soleimani orders The attackers wrote Soleimani on the embassy walls so as to leave no doubt.

CNNs Pleitgen never questioned it, took it from Zarif as fact. If you did not know the story already, you would swear Trump is a murderer and Iran and Iraq were being violated.

Where have we gone as a country when our own have turned against us? Trump can’t make a decision without having to answer to the media, the Democrats, Hollywood elites, sports athletes. CNN is not the only one trying to sabotage our country. Disgruntled politicians will even go behind our president’s back to sabotage his policies and pretend they have control or will take control and restore the pallet of cash delivery to Iran.

John Kerry has spoken to Zarif many times since Trump was elected. Remember he helped write and enact the Iran Nuclear Deal. That was when we gave a couple large pallets of cash to Iran so they would play nice and not build nukes. Obama, being the weak president he was and being terrified of the Middle East bully Iran, gave Iran billions of dollars in cash on pallets.

Iran took that money and other country’s money they received in the deal and spent it on terrorism all over the world, including against our own American soldiers in Afghanistan. Now Iran wants more free cash to not do something.

Kerry to Iran’s rescue. He met with Zarif twice in 2018 and also with the heads of Germany, France and others about the nuclear deal and how to try and salvage it. in direct defiance of the Logan Act (fines or prison for citizens falsely acting as U.S. diplomats with other countries).

Of course the fake news is trying to make you think we are in danger and we are going to war with Iran. Iran has always hated America and Israel. They will plot how to kill us a little harder now I am sure but it will pass and Iranians can go back to their regular level of hate for us. Killing Soleimani was a pay me now or pay me later deal. Take him out and save American lives now and down the road or let him live and kill more people. That is what Soleimani was loved for in Iran, his ability to wage terrorist war on and kill foreigners that Iran did not like.

War is much different than it was just a few years ago. Soleimani is the proof, we can take out anyone, anywhere, at anytime and never put one soldier on the ground there.

We have over 25 military bases on Iran borders, minutes away from Tehran, Iran. They have none in Canada and Mexico. It would be absolute suicide for Iran to go to war with us and they know it. There would be a regime change there. Iran definitely does not want war with us and Trump does not want war with them.

Iran is not the big problem though. Its the homegrown resistance, the get Trump out at all costs thinking people. The corrupt FBI, FISA judges, CIA, fake news, politicians. That is America’s real problem

Jay Pratt is a resident of Bridgeville.