Commentary: Freedoms rely on keeping Trump in check

As we go into phase two of the impeachment, let’s address a few issues that the American public seems to be ignoring.

If you and documents are subpoenaed to appear in court and you don’t show, you are locked up and charged with contempt of court. If the foreman of a jury meets with and colludes with the defense attorney and his client, they are instantly locked up and charged with jury tampering.

When jurors swear an oath to be unbiased and the same day express their decision before all the evidence is presented, they are thrown off of the jury. Why are our elected officials treated differently? If you hire an employee and they spend 80% of their time at work watching TV and tweeting, how long are you going to keep them as an employee? Not long!

Hypocrites like Lindsey Graham and Alan Dershowitz previously stated during the Clinton impeachment that it did not have to be a crime to be impeached. Clinton had an affair, as many of our other presidents have done. He did not endanger our elections and our democracy.

Never before has this country had someone in the White House who refers to everyone from heads of state, the intelligence professionals, our congressmen and women, people of color, other religions and anyone who doesn’t bow to him with constant derogatory names. It is a disgrace to the office and the country.

The person sitting in the White House ignores climate change as we face ever more severe weather. Two percent of the farmland in Somerset County, Maryland has already been lost to salt water invasion from rising sea levels.

He derides all immigrants even though our work force is only growing by 1% while our need for workers is growing at 4% (reference interview with the chairman of the Federal Reserve). Many of our seafood processors had to suspend work last season because of the lack of help.

He has had the biggest turnover of staff in recent history. He has overridden all of our intelligence agencies who would not authorize classified clearance for his son-in-law.

He expects people on the border to cede their property and spends funds needed to keep our military strong on a wall that has already been breached. He pushed through our spineless Congress a tax-cut bill that now has our budget deficit running 11.8% higher than last year with a projection of deficits over $1 trillion for the next decade.

He cozies up to tyrants and dictators and calls racists “very nice people”. He has cut the throats of many of our nation’s farmers with his tariffs. He has made the United States the laughing stock of the world.

If you have never read the book “Mein Kampf” then do so now. Read more than one newspaper, watch more than one television channel, and for heaven’s sake, fact check EVERYTHING you read on the internet! The freedoms in this country depend on it.

Doris W. Draper is a resident of Houston.