Commentary: Half-truths and misinformation to boost Trump

Dover resident and obvious Trumpster, Ms. Beverly Monahan, surely must be going through life blindfolded and wearing earmuffs! In her recent submission [Commentary: “The inmates have taken over the House asylum”] we see another person dangerously uninformed, or dangerously oblivious to the manifest harm Trump is doing to America!

She conveniently omits any reference to a) Trump ignoring lawful subpoenas and instructing federal employees to do the same, b) Trump’s decimation of EPA regulations, so that his donors — the owners of polluting firms — can profit while killing and disabling millions of Americans by poisoning our land, water and air, c) The fact that Trump has NO thought out or logical policies on any issue — he only reacts to particular events via a tweet — and thus has made America the laughingstock of the world, d) Trump’s being a traitor by asking foreign governments to meddle in our elections … and I could go on for pages!

Ken Abraham

She calls the Mueller Report fruitless and costly, when in fact it raised more money than it cost (fines and fees paid by the guilty) and resulted in 34 indictments and many convictions (a few cases still pending)!

She decries the fact that the House has limited input from Republicans during their hearings, which in fact was a wise move — why waste time listening to idiots like Senator Kennedy, Rep. Jim Jordan, and others who simply spout half-truths, outright lies, and utter nonsense, as we have seen them do repeatedly?!

She says of the law professors who articulated the ways in which Trump has violated the Constitution: “They just don’t like him”! Since their testimony, more than 500 other professors — legal scholars — have called for Trump’s impeachment and removal from office and I dare say that list could number in the thousands.

I just hope you will print my remarks, lest your readers be seriously misled by Ms. Monahan. Thank you.

Ken Abraham, of Dover is founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE and a former state deputy prosecutor.

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