Commentary: Impeachment a ‘misuse and abuse of power’

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uniformed. If you do, you’re misinformed” is often attributed to Mark Twain. Whether the aphorism has a known author is irrelevant as the message seems to ring more truth as each day passes.

The Washington Post omits damning testimony from editorials, the New York Times simply refuses to publish news that doesn’t align with their politics, the Los Angeles Times will retract erroneous stories but refuse to apologize or explain, and even the Delaware State News prints an Associated Press article on the front page (11/22/2019) where the reporter simply ignored subsequent testimony where her headline was completely debunked.

In a recent Delaware State News editorial, a rabid Democrat activist Stephen Scott Crockett, seems absolutely giddy over the Adam Schiff carnival sideshow that has just been foisted on our nation. He bounces around in his story line like a Jiffy Pop container with a hole in the foil. He professes his interpretation of the U.S. Constitution as if he were some scholar. and in the end, exposes himself as having terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome.

George Roof

First off, the Founders wrote the Constitution in plain, clear, unambiguous language that has changed little in the passage of 243 years. A literate person needs no outside interpretation as the Founders left no doubt in the first three words: WE THE PEOPLE. It didn’t say congressmen, senators, lawyers or talking heads like Mr. Crockett.

Secondly, I would ask to the few, though seemingly very few, open-minded Democrats, if they would be equally protective to the point of impeachment had Nancy Pelosi had made the same call to President Zelensky? What if Mitch McConnell had bragged about withholding funds unless the Ukraine fired their investigator? What if McConnell’s son’s, without any qualifications had been hired by a corrupt Ukrainian business like the relatives of John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden? Really? Honestly?

And finally, which one of you would like to go into a courtroom as the accused and be expected to give up your constitutional right of both the 5th and 6th Amendment? Yet there you sit, cheering a buffoon of Adam Schiff as he implies that the president is “intimidating the witness” by reading an electronic message to a witness that she had no way of seeing or knowing had he not read it to her. It should be noted that this message was never “threatening, coercing, or bribing” this witness to come close to his created charges. He unlawfully refuses to allow testimony by his fraudulent “whistleblower”.

This impeachment is a blatant misuse and abuse of power by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. It sets a precedent unmatched in U.S. history. Though Mr. Crockett chirps that “we cannot let this become a constitutional precedent by future presidents”, it is simply a lie on his part. There is absolutely no bipartisanship as was demanded during three previous impeachment proceedings (Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton).

This debacle of American justice risks turning our Constitution on its head as now it becomes a precedent that you can impeach a duly elected president of the United States simply because you don’t like him. Do you really think that the next Democrat elected won’t suffer some reciprocity?

Had Republicans acted in this manner, Obama would have never completed his first four years after being recorded telling Dmitri Medvedev to inform Vladimir Putin he would have “more flexibility” to negotiate after his reelection. It’s a standard Mr. Crockett seems quite selective in word usage.

The hypocrisy is most telling when you realize that all the while, these career politicians are making millions of dollars from lobbyists who can afford it by reaping the benefits brought to this country by this president.

George Roof is a resident of Magnolia.

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