Commentary: Impeachment claims utterly false and vacuous

I had thought that nothing could have been more laughable than last week’s media parade of showcasing Democrats ruling with Stalinesque techniques of their kangaroo court about the impeachment of President Trump. I stand corrected as my Saturday paper had half the editorial page filled with Alan Gaddis’ hyperbolic and disingenuous fabrication of the history behind it. (“A timeline which adds up to impeachment.”)

Perhaps Mr. Gaddis simply listened to what his handlers at CNN and MSNBC told him as he obviously never bothered reading or even listening to the DOJ/IG, Mr. Horowitz instead of using the highly unreliable Wikipedia as an information source. Had he, he might have foregone highlighting of his FACTS and not ruined my Saturday morning.

George Roof

From his very first sentence, he starts his revisionist history by omitting a very incredible fact. The FBI did NOT initiate an investigation out of the blue. The corrupt leadership within the administration and the DOJ actually acted on a phony dossier that had been paid for by the Democratic Party to launch an investigation into the Republican nominee for president campaign in order to spy on their agenda.

They used an honorable American citizen, Carter Page, who had years of loyalty to our country as a pawn in their scheme. They tapped the nominee’s (and later the president’s phones) in a coup attack on his presidency.

As seems to be the normal with the radical Democrats, Mr. Gaddis tries to invoke the Constitution. At no point has the U.S. Constitution been taken seriously since the Obama inauguration. Had any sense of decency been involved, any actions taken to remove a president would have involved both political parties. In their attempt in wrapping themselves in the flag they disdain from displaying during their debates, they flagrantly disregard that American jurisprudence has always depended on the assumption of innocence.

At no place does it condone charging someone with a crime and then gleaning through their past to find proof that the crime was even committed. The very fact that a chairman of a congressional hearing can request and obtain personal information and phone records should scare every American regardless of party affiliation.

Contrary to Mr. Gaddis’ claims, at no point in any of this lynch mob proceedings has any witness provided firsthand knowledge of any of the charges. The most egregious of these supposed witnesses was a disreputable Army lieutenant colonel who, against UCMJ requirements, embellished his lies by wearing his Army uniform.

Mr. Gaddis continues with trying to rehash unproven lies about the president’s speeches as being “racist, misogynistic and homophobic”, his lies about disparaging individuals (especially the part about John McCain who has been despised by thousands of us military people for ages), and his vacuous claims about children being separated or witnesses being intimidated.

Most egregious of these phony claims is his statement about tariffs bankrupting farmers. He implies that the president has obstructed Congress when he really means that he’s refused to cater to Democrats in the House of Representatives. Had any of these clowns who’ve sought impeaching Donald Trump since his nomination (fact from the mouth of Nancy Pelosi) actually worked for the American citizens rather than their own self-serving agenda, imagine how much better off we’d be. Don’t dare talk “civility” to me while disparaging 62 million legal American voters.

I see that even the liberal sycophant media is now having to admit their failings in reporting (without ever actually admitting their improprieties.) The only poetic justice that can come from this is that President Trump gets another four years and that the masses who see though this farce take over control of both houses of Congress. The icing on the cake will be if he’s able to take the popular vote and liberal cesspools like Delaware who entered into a pact with the NPVIC would have to give their electoral college votes to Mr. Trump.

George Roof is a resident of Magnolia.