Commentary: Impeachment drama will have consequences

By Carol Hotte

Long I have held my tongue regarding my view of the impeachment hearings and various investigations of President Trump and not because I dislike him as much as I dislike any politician. I’ve held back because long ago I learned most everyone I’ve ever encountered has disappointed me and I don’t like eating crow. But being a hobbyist futurist, jackdaw is invariably on the menu.

I should hope that some of President Trump’s more rabid supporters would consider that entree before spewing their rhetoric where it can be so easily served up on a platter before them, and I will be pleased to oblige when the time comes.

Obviously I didn’t vote for President Trump but I didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton either. They both struck me as likely to face impeachment. That would lead to the kind of chaos, which has erupted because this outcome was inevitable no matter who won. This conundrum was unavoidable, predicable and inescapable. I’m just rather sad I lived to see it.

I understand how difficult it is to comprehend what I am saying because for decades I voted because I was trained to believe that it was my civic duty, even though reason asserted that my vote never mattered. My vote was not designed to ever count. Anyone who believes otherwise is either a fool or is trying to fool others.

So the fools will delight in presuming that because some old woman decides not to vote in 2020 that their party is surely going to win. Alas, there is always a winner and a loser and it doesn’t matter who they are because it is all smoke and mirrors. I knew this when I was 12 years old but I pretended to have faith because I liked the vibe. I liked believing in Santa Claus too when I was little even though I had a sneaking suspicion he didn’t exist.

What the United States is going through now as written into the Constitution over 200 years ago and this crisis (and yes, it is a crisis) is only going to get worse. It doesn’t matter who is elected, Republican, Democrat or Independent because if the Democrats win, the Republicans are going to come right back on them with more the same that was dished their way and so on ad nauseum, right down from the Nixon through the Clinton administrations.

Electing an Independent isn’t bloody likely and might prove even worse considering the hired guns of two parties will be picnicking on that candidate and still nothing will be done to address the real problems facing this nation. It is noteworthy that neither President Johnson nor President Clinton were removed from office. Ah, but there were consequences.

Consider that more than a hundred years passed between the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson and the resignation of President Richard Nixon under threat of impeachment but only 24 years passed between President Nixon’s resignation and President Clinton’s impeachment.

Naturally, a Democrat was voted into the Oval Office after President Nixon and a Republican was voted into office after President Clinton. It’s like a great big game of tit-for-tat on the schoolhouse playground and the Democrats are counting on the cycle shifting in favor of them in 2020. Except, I seriously believe that by hook or crook President Trump will be re-elected.

Far be if for me to say, much less think, said election will be illegitimate because the result shall be as it has always been — validated by the powers that be; who have always been with us since before the ink dried on the Constitution.

Ah, but you can assume this is just the bizarre mental meandering of an addled old woman and such a presumption might succor you for a while but it will be cold comfort as you watch it play itself out to certain unenviable foregone conclusions.

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