Commentary: Joe Biden would be president in name only

By Frank Daniels

The cartoon in last week’s paper showing Joe Biden’s resurrection was incredibly apropos. 

How does a politician with multiple failed presidential attempts, who prior to South Carolina had never won a state primary, become the savior for the Democrat party? 

The answer is simple: The Washington swamp has coalesced and picked themselves the perfect patsy.

Make no mistake, if Joe should win the Democrat nomination and by some act of God win the general election, he will be president in name only.  The man is an imbecile who couldn’t lead a troop of Boy Scouts down a one way street let alone this great nation of ours.  The leaders of China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea will be doing an Irish jig, knowing we’ve elected a fool who will do anything they want.

You may totally hate our current president, but he has shown the American public what Washington truly is, a foul-smelling swamp.

He hasn’t been perfect, but he’s kept his word, and taken us from the travesty of the Obama years to once again become the leader of the free world.  We are the country everyone wants to emigrate to for one simple reason — we are the one country in the world where you can truly be free, and, if you have the willingness to work hard, make it on your own.

So, even with Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester becoming a paid sycophant (doesn’t she have a very well paid full time job?), and Rep. Chris Coons pulling as hard as he can (is he on Joe’s payroll?), a vote for Joe is a vote to bring back the horrendous Obama policies, for Joe doesn’t have a solid policy of his own.

Taxes will definitely get raised, Beto O’Rourke will handle the 2nd Amendment “problem,” government regulation will once again drown capital expansion, the economy will stagnate, job growth will end, and according to Joe and his puppet masters, the country will be sooo much better off.

I do not believe Joe stands an ice cube’s chance against President Trump should he win the Democrat nomination.  And you can bet there won’t be any chairs on that debate stage.

What we are really witnessing is the swamp picking a puppet who will do anything they want or say to regain the halls of power in Washington.

Frank Daniels lives in Dover and is a retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel.