Commentary: Let’s all work together and move forward in Delaware

An open letter to Gov. Carney:

We must realize in these rather difficult times that there are no easy answers to our problems due to the coronavirus.

There is a need for all individuals’ participation in the task to make this state a better place to live and help Gov. John Carney start up our economy. All of us have to participate, all are needed.

The question is whether we want to be a critic or a participant.

A critic goes against the governor’s restrictions. Those restrictions were to wear a face mask and to socially distance at least 6 feet while you are in public. This was not the case in a rally that was held a month or so ago at the state capitol.

A participant lends their hand out to the governor and says, “How can I help?”

Above all other things, Gov. Carney is dedicated to the dignity of citizens and saving lives here in the state of Delaware.

I know that the citizens of this state need a purpose, a job to do, a sense of self-worth, a need to feed their families. But we must move with caution as the governor starts to reopen up the government and protect our senior citizens.

We need to have a new kind of program that places money directly into our state to help our communities affected by the virus, instead of flowing through an inefficient, overstructured, often tyrannical bureaucracy, which is too often immobilized by sheer size to act swiftly and directly at the federal government level.

As far as the federal government is concerned, many of us feel there are promises remaining unfulfilled.

It is now unmistakably clear that at the federal government level, we can only change these disastrous divisive policies by changing the men and women who are making them.

We must rethink all of our old ideas and beliefs and find new ones to help the state economy. One way we can help our state’s budget is by having a direct funding program inside our government, where citizens can donate money to help offset the debts the state will incur with the unemployment program and other resources citizens need to fight the coronavirus here.

I would be willing to serve on such a committee as a volunteer. The committee would save lives, while helping the economy and residents here in Delaware in a time of need.

It is within our power as citizens to provide the best that we can in helping others. It is not a time to worry only about ourselves.

We have this idea of this program to win the war against coronavirus and help Delaware to recover the economy, while also helping the government and their citizens.

David W. Mazur