Commentary: Our country cannot survive another four years of this

By Doris W. Draper

For the last three-and-a-half years, one party has bowed and scraped and ignored their sworn constitutional oaths to preserve, protect and defend. They are now silent (with very few exceptions) to the use of federal agents in our cities in direct violation of state’s rights. Understand, folks, these are not police, and they are not military. They are agents unqualified to police any city. They are, in effect, personal storm troopers (think brown shirts and Gestapo).

Has this president ever tried to talk to any of the protesters? No! Why not ask their leaders to come to Washington to address our Congress and him on their grievances and concerns? If he can make no less than two calls a week to Vladimir Putin (without bringing up election interference, bounties on members of our military, or Russian bombers) and jet off our coast three times in a two-month period, he can surely spare time from his television-watching to talk to protesters.

As we have sustained infections and an unprecedented loss of life from the coronavirus along with a crumbling economy, we hear no empathy from the White House or many in the Senate. Less foot-dragging could have saved at least 70% of the lost lives. Now, millions of citizens face being unable to feed or house their families, and the powers do not want to extend the unemployment help that is needed by many. Instead, they would rather send more $1,200 checks to dead people and people who do not live in this country, like they did last time. And what do billions of dollars for a new FBI building have to do with helping the American people? The only thing a payroll tax cut will do is further erode Social Security and Medicare. Are you young people prepared to care for your parents and their medical expenses in the future?

We are bombarded with fake (yes, fake) ads for this president’s reelection.

Joe Biden has not said to defund the police. He has not said to open our borders.

The week of July 24, Donald Trump’s official Facebook page showed an “advertisement” attributed to Evangelicals for Trump, purporting to show a scene of American urban violence. The slogan reads “Public Safety vs. Chaos & Violence,” and it contrasts a photo of a somber, concerned Trump with another showing demonstrators pummeling a police officer. But the latter image was not taken in Portland, Oregon. Sourced from the internet, that photograph was taken in Ukraine in 2014. The insignia on the officer’s shoulder includes a Ukrainian Orthodox cross!

Now, they are is running one saying Biden is alone and diminished.

One photo shows Biden supposedly sitting alone on the floor of an empty room and another of him standing, holding his hand to his forehead. The first photo is actually from an event at the home of an Iowa mayor to watch a University of Iowa game in December, and the other people in the room have been edited out. The second picture is actually a shot of Biden holding a microphone during an outdoor event. The final picture in this doctored ad shows Biden seated with his head down. This photo was taken while Biden was praying in church June 1.

Anyone watching Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace can clearly see from the constant half-sentences to a 77-word run-on sentence that this president has problems.

From this president, we have seen a failure to take responsibility for anything, pushing drugs that do more harm than good and spending millions of our tax dollars on them, calling people names, failing to live by the oath of office, attempting to gerrymander by not wanting to count all people in the United States in the Census (as our Constitution says must be done) and trying to make it so people have to choose between their health or their right to vote.

Our country cannot survive another four years of this.

Doris W. Draper is a resident of Houston.