Commentary: Reaping the whirlwind from Trump’s policies

By Daniel Pritchett

In January, 2017, I wrote in these pages with great trepidation — even fear — about the danger of installing into the highest office in the United States a man who, as I put it, “is a compulsive, pathological liar, apparently convinced that whatever comes out of his mouth is true, even if it is often quite delusional,” and a man “who knows next to nothing about American history, the Constitution, or important issues of public policy, such as health care.”

I asked, with a touch of gallows humor, “What could possibly go wrong?”

In the past three years we have seen numerous examples of what could go wrong, including

• Mr. Trump’s assault on the first amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of the press, and his encouragement of hate and intolerance.

• His continuing efforts to take away health care insurance from millions of his fellow citizens.

• His successful effort to widen the gap between the rich and the rest of us even more with a tax cut skewed to benefit people like him and his family, and the resulting explosion of the deficit even at a time when the economy continues to grow.

• His assault on environmental protections and any effort to deal with the accelerating dangers of climate change.

• And his attack on the very notion of the rule of law itself, and our basic system of checks and balances.

But now, as our planet deals with the greatest health emergency in 100 years, we are witnessing the horrifying spectacle of our country being led by an ignorant, incompetent fool: a man who knows nothing about science or medicine and distrusts those who do, a man who cannot deal with any issue beyond considering how it affects him.

It has been clear for years to the majority of us that the emperor has no clothes, and we are in real trouble.

I have been displaying a bumper sticker for the past several months that says “If you voted for Trump, you owe the U.S. an apology.”

That apology is owed now more than ever, but I fear many of us will not be alive to accept it due to the living nightmare of a man like Donald J. Trump holding the office held once by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Daniel Pritchett lives in Dover.