Commentary; The cost of doing business with President Trump

By Lonnie Brewer

Mr. Roof, I read your commentary in the DSN Feb. 7. (“Democrats should take their ball and go home.”) As usual, more misinformation than fact. Trump’s own party pretty much guaranteed him they were not going to impeach him, and what does he do? He backdoors his own party by telling his staff not to cooperate with the investigation knowing the House has impeachment authority, and to top it off he goes behind the back of his legal team and gets Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr.

Albeit, Dershowitz is a law professor but not an impeachment lawyer. Ken Starr’s claim to fame is Whitewater and Clinton’s impeachment. Both should have avoided it. The Muller investigation did not get near a billion dollars, total price “32 million. Like Robert Muller said “Just because the was no collusion, it does not exonerate him of other crimes.” More will come out.

If there was no “Quid pro Quo” why did Nick Mulvaney go in front of the cameras and say it was? If Trump was innocent of this, why did they not play the phone conversation for all the country to hear? How can you say the Dems refused every Republican witness when there were none? That black mark is on Trump’s presidency and no big pink eraser is going to make it go away.

Adam Schiff was smart not to include the Republican because that kept the witnesses stories consistent. As one lawyer put it, “there is no such thing as an impeachment inquiry, it is a product of the Clinton trial” bottom line. Since it is not a tria,l the witnesses cannot be cross examined.

How can you say the Obama administration ran over the Constitution? Look what we just saw. An impeachment trial with no evidence and no witnesses — this makes Watergate look like a home break-in. Obama didn’t ship guns to the cartels. Remember Fast and Furious was Bush’s idea. When Obama found out about it, he shut it down and had the DOJ IG investigate. There were bombings of other countries but not five but seven, and they were drone strikes and he let key people know what was going on.

Let us put this pallets of cash/hostage nonsense to rest. Read Wendy Shermans book “Not for the Faint of Heart.” She was one of three women on John Kerry’s staff who helped ink the Iran Nuclear Deal. She is also a fully qualified diplomat. She was the one who brokered the hostages’ getting released. In her book she states “The pallets of cash deal was like Walt Disney, fantasy and make believe.” The money was rightfully there’s from the beginning after a weapons and technology deal fell through in the 70s.

Lonnie Brewer is a resident of Dover.