Commentary: The inmates have taken over the House asylum

America is well aware of this sad statement but the truth hurts. The Democratic party is now being run by the most left-wing radical movement we have ever endured in our beloved country. The Dems truly believe they are now saving America from an evil tyrant who is now the POTUS. How wrong can they actually be?

Every day for three years Democrats have degraded itself by allowing the most un-American House congressional “newcomer” membership control a once-proud political party who justifiably became strong by defending and enhancing the common working man and woman.Those days are gone.

The impeachment circus initially led by the Ringmaster Adam Schiff has now handed his baton over to Jerrold Nadler, chairman of The Judiciary Committee. Nadler was initially involved in keeping a watchful eye on the notable Mueller Report. When at last after many months and millions in cost, the Mueller Report fell way short of the Democratic dream of removing President Trump from the Oval Office. Jerry was then put on the Democratic back burner for Adam Schiff to champion the cause. Schiff held his secret meetings in a “bunker” of the Capitol with only his chosen few allowed to attend their secret decision-making scenarios.

After the many, many months of their selections the Dems would finally charge President Trump with their impeachment categorizes, they chose almost on a daily basis different choices from bribery, quid pro quo, obstruction of justice and then back to bribery. Americans have become bored and tired of these fruitless efforts and want to move on with our lives.

On Wednesday, the Nadler group chose to present four law professors to offer their opinions on the status of impeachment. Professors Noah Feldman-Harvard, Pamela Karlen-Stanford, and Michael Gerhardt-UNC (all three Democratic supporters). The last selector was Jonathan Turley of George Washington. The Republican sole witness. Pamela Karlen once stated that she would never walk in front of the Trump Towers. How open-minded is that woman? The other two Dem selections held similar beliefs concerning President Trump. They just don’t like him. .

The Democrats plan to soldier on and inflict their vendetta against President Trump. They have not informed the minority judiciary members on what the future plans will be, as of Thursday. But that is par for the Democratic course. Many ideas can be bantered around in the “bunker” all to go down to defeat in the reality of impeachment conclusions when reaching the Senate DOA.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.

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