Commentary: The most important thing you can do this year

By Armand Carreau

School board elections are coming soon, May 12, less than three and a half months away. The deadline for filing as a candidate is March 6, a mere month away. It is well past time to begin thinking seriously about perhaps the most important event that will occur this year, with the possible exception of the general election on Nov. 3.

The most important event this year? Think about our children and how innocent, naïve and vulnerable they are. Our schools are charged with making virtuous and informed citizens of them. Sad to say our leaders have dropped the ball, or worse, are complicit with the forces of change.

But who’s in charge of teaching them? Who’s in charge of overseeing that it is done right? And who’s accountable to the parents? Delaware schools are near the bottom of the barrel nationwide and have been for some time. We, as parents, have final responsibility for the education of our children, whether homeschooling or sending them to governmet schools.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, “Father of Soviet Russia”, stated: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Think about what the children are learning, or not learning. Are you reading their text books and homework assignments? Can we afford to leave this to chance, to teachers unions, to fluffy and biased curricula, and to watered down courses that push social activism, to a secular world-view that will not tolerate opposing views, to a twisted history that makes our children ashamed of, and harbor hatred for, their country, to children who graduate half-literate and/or don’t understand math thanks to the state’s hunger for federal grants that usher in atrocious federal programs like Common Core.

Even worse than the above, is the influence of Planned Parenthood promoting sexual promiscuity and experimentation to your children. This program masquerades as sex education, to keep abortion indispensable to the future (talk about a business plan). Then there is an anti-bullying program normalizing dangerous LGBTQ lifestyles, often ending in ruined lives.

I am not stating these programs are in every school, but as a parent, you must be aware these programs are real, and some schools have adopted them. Has your school?

We like to believe our teachers are dedicated to our children, and most of them are. But you must also understand that there are forces out there that are hell-bent on fundamentally transforming our country, and our children are mere collateral damage. We must all be aware of the concerns mentioned above, and more. Even the most dedicated teachers are cowed into worrying about losing their jobs and being blacklisted. We are dealing with fascist forces. Many of you already understand you are accountable for everything you say, especially if you have a job. Few of us are safe!

Cicero stated in 46 BC: “Not to know what happened before you were born is to be a child forever.” Many of our kids are confused, can’t distinguish good from evil, right from wrong, what is truth, what are lies, or what the future consequences may be.

What to do:

Find out what school district you are in as that is the only place your vote counts.

Attend school board meetings if possible, learn about the school board members up for election and where they stand on the issues I’ve mentioned, as well as others important to you. Remember to confirm their records or what other parents think about them. Unfortunately, the honor system is dead. When you have decided incumbent or challenger, remember to vote.

If you are not happy with the member up for election, do not let him/her run unopposed. We have only till March 6 to find a candidate to file. There isn’t much time!

After you have voted, don’t sit on your hands. Begin preparing for next year’s vote. Learn all you can. Yours and other children’s lives and happiness hang in the balance.

These elections are typically under the radar and not well attended. They are often de-ided by fewer than 50 votes. That is how the unions like it. We are in an ideological war; progressivism, socialism, fascism, and communism are winning. Schools are factories of future warriors. Which side will those warriors be on, liberty or tyranny?

Armand Carreau is a resident of Bridgeville