Commentary: This election is a different kind of circus

By Frank A. Daniels

When I was a kid growing up, I used to enjoy going to the circus and laughing at/with the clowns. Unfortunately, those days are over and the only clowns I see today are the Democrats running for President or those in the House of Representatives.

It was especially funny (really, sad) to watch parts of the Nevada and South Carolina Democratic debates. Both were so bad, especially the free-for-all in South Carolina, that I turned both off.

A review of the six (forget Mr. Steyer) viable candidates for the Democratic nomination makes one wonder just how gullible the Democrats think the American voter is. Remember, those six represent the Democrats “cream of the crop.”

Bernie, the current frontrunner, is a hard-core communist who preaches revolution. Make no mistake, he is not a socialist, and has no viable/reasonable policy for moving this country forward. Instead, he would bankrupt our economy and destroy this country. By the way, he’s never really held a real job, is a millionaire, and a draft dodger who would eliminate Tricare with his “Medicare for All” plan.

Then we have Elizabeth, another millionaire. Her policies would also bankrupt the country, just a little slower. After the princess, we have Delaware Joe, the third millionaire. He’s turning out to be one of the most corrupt politicians of our time and is the dumber half of the previous administration that tried to bankrupt our country both fiscally and morally.

Following Joe we have Mayor Pete, our second social experiment candidate. Obama, the first social experiment candidate, could have done wonders for this country. However, his socialistic policies have created racial unrest, similar to that of the 60s, and started the current wave of hatred for our police. Mayor Pete is no better. His eloquent speech (sound familiar) masks his true socialistic beliefs.

Next, we have Amy, a candidate who seems to be out of her true comfort zone. She has a hard time explaining her policies and while not as far left as the others, she’s there. Finally, we have the former mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg. That man is the perfect profile of a narcissist who will destroy this country faster than the others.

Why say that about Mr. Bloomberg? He has spent tens of millions of dollars over the past few years to quietly get his socialistic beliefs implemented. Look how he helped flip the House in 2016 by buying (his word) and winning the election of House Democratic candidates. He came very close to getting some insane gun laws passed in Virginia and he has funded NYU’s law school to send lawyers across the country to help Democrat State Attorneys General fight for climate law changes. (Question: Ms. Jennings (our State Attorney General) … does Delaware have one of his lawyers here?) The man is a buffoon on stage, but with his money and leftist leaning, he will do anything and everything to cause havoc with our country’s financial and economic systems by supporting leftist Democrats.

Now that Nevada is over, and we head into the South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries, I hope the American voter opens his/her eyes to what the politicians are really saying.

Bernie is looking stronger and his message of fairness and equity for all is an easy sell to naïve and foolish individuals. He talks about a revolution, one that will destroy our way of life for the one he believes is better. He preaches that anything and everything most of us work/worked hard for is a “right.” Therefore, isn’t it a right for all of us to own three homes? He tells you there will be health care for all, free college for everyone at state schools, a free American border, no more student debt, and that the Green New Deal is the only way we can avoid climate disaster.

The only problem with all of these “rights,” is that there isn’t enough tea in China to pay for them. Nothing, remember nothing, a politician promises you is free. Someone (that would be you and me) pays, and in this instance, there just isn’t enough money. If Bernie wins the election, we will become Venezuela in a very short period of time.

Elizabeth and company aren’t far behind Bernie in what their policies would accomplish. Don’t let Mayor Pete or Amy fool you, they are only two steps behind Liz, and based on what I said above, forget about Mr. Bloomberg. That leaves us with Uncle Joe. God forbid he wins. He would stumble, fumble and fall as the President, and without Barack, he would be lost. Of course, his family would get richer.

Mixed in with all of this are the three wonderful Congressional representatives from Delaware. Lisa votes strictly Democrat, appears to align herself with AOC and her unholy partners, so one has to wonder how deep her socialistic views are. Chris is a strong supporter of Joe, and God only knows what Tom thinks. Again, they vote straight Democrat, so how strong are their socialistic views? If Bernie does get the nod, they will be forced to support him, especially Lisa and Chris as they are up for re-election. However, the mighty Boss Tweed machine of New Castle County will come to their rescue. Never mind they will be supporting a very dangerous man who would and will happily destroy this country. I hope that whomever the Republicans run against them uses that to their full advantage.

The real question to answer is: Why do so many Democrats across this country tolerate all of these Democrat candidates?

I believe the answer (aside from their pure hatred of President Trump) lies in the destruction of our secondary and collegiate school systems in this country. We no longer challenge students educationally but worry about hurting their feelings or arguing what bathroom they can use. On college campuses we have “safe” rooms for those poor students who just can’t take it. We have indoctrinated at least two and perhaps three generations of students so it’s easy to see why so many young people think Bernie’s socialism is a good idea.

The election this November will truly be a test for the continuation of our Democratic Republic. You can describe our President with a multitude of adjectives, but everyone one of his current challengers are a disaster. All of them would systematically destroy everything the President has accomplished over the past three years and put us on a path to becoming Venezuela. If that happens, will you, as an individual, and we as a Nation be better off?

Frank Daniels, of Dover, is a retired colonel n the U.S. Army Reserve.