Commentary: Trump administration’s response to pandemic is a monumental failure

By Ken Abraham

The primary purpose of government is to protect its citizens. In this regard, the Trump administration has been and continues to be a monumental failure.

Ken Abraham

The federal government could and should have done so much more to control COVID-19. We need only look at other countries to see what should have been done way back in December 2019 or in January! Yet, no such precautions had been taken. Instead, Donald Trump has ignored the problem to concentrate on his top priority, his golf game.

One need only read the headlines to see the scope of the problem: more than 300,000 innocent and neglected Americans dead at the date of my writing. Such deaths are mounting at an all-time-high daily rate. On average, 90 Americans are dying every hour from coronavirus! Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 continue to increase in record numbers. We saw in the first five days of December more than 1 million Americans newly infected. That is more people than the entire population of Delaware!

In fact, our health care workers are super-stressed, super-fatigued and super-frustrated by the overload, which is taxing the system to near collapse.

Judges also are getting fed up. On top of scores of failed lawsuits, we now see Texas and some Trumpian state attorneys general filing another case trying to overturn the election results, sure to get nowhere. All this litigation is a waste of taxpayers’ money!

Nor has the government provided much-needed relief for the millions of Americans on the verge of bankruptcy (or already into it) because they have lost their jobs due to the virus. We see people lined up for miles to get food boxes, never before having to do so. We see more than 26 million Americans recently newly filing for unemployment benefits. We see thousands of people actually becoming homeless, taxing the systems in place to help those who have lost their homes.

These victims of such monumental failure are not mere statistics. They are real people, real families, suffering terribly as they fall ill or die or plunge into financial distress.

Some have suggested that those responsible for this calamity should be prosecuted. I dare say, based on my experience as a trial lawyer on both sides of criminal cases, that I could secure many such convictions!

It is not enough to say, “A vaccine is on the way.” That vaccine, assuming it is successful, will not be available until at least another 100,000 Americans die!

The primary culprit in this disastrous example of what not to do, other than Trump himself, is Mitch McConnell and all others who are similarly incompetent and callous. Anyone thinking of voting again for them truly is foolish and will be shooting themselves in the foot.

All of us should thank our lucky stars that a new administration will be here in about a month, with a solid plan to curb the pain, suffering, death and stress of so many.

Ken Abraham is a former deputy attorney general and founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE. He lives in Dover.