Commentary: Trump has US dangerously off course

”Washington, we have a problem in the White House.” This problem appears to be reminiscent of a movie starring Tom Hanks, as he announced out in space from his rocket ship to ground control, “Houston, we have a problem.” The “team“ on the ground collaborated with the space crew until the problem was solved.

Unlike the above scenario, the briefing of Congress regarding the alleged “imminent Iranian threat” we faced was called the worst briefing ever by a very confused looking Utah senior Republican Sen. Mike Lee. He and his colleagues were basically told the president and a few of his aides alone had the solutions on hand to solve the problem by increasing sanctions on Iran and sending thousands more elite soldiers to the Middle East.

Congress was advised to button their lips, buckle up and go along for the ride on a renewed space odyssey to an unknown destination. Future planning was aborted.

The previous administration was blamed for releasing Iran’s own hard-earned money that had been sanctioned to the tune of up to a 150 billion dollars. It was returned to them after a long-deliberated nuclear deal was agreed on by Iran and five other countries. When the current administration withdrew from the deal, they placed the sanctions on Iran again even though they were in full compliance with this 15-year agreement. Would you have been angered? Iran will aggressively respond.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that civilization has up until now been ruled by a subset of wealthy individuals who have continually banded together to basically feed bread crumbs to those less fortunate. Until we stop committing atrocities on the “little people” in so many ways, the bigwigs will continue to control our destiny according to their whims and rules.

We can make the world great if the common goal is to begin working in unison towards creating an egalitarian society. We hear you Bernie and Elizabeth and Amy, Joe and Pete. Take control of that rocket ship and guide all of us towards peace and prosperity.

We cannot achieve this goal if the price for admission at Mar-a-Lago for a presidential fundraiser is $250,000. How do we achieve equality and justice and a better world with that kind of imbalance? That rocket ship has inevitably resulted in one crash landing after another from time immemorial.

Bill Clemens is a resident of Rehoboth Beach.