Commentary: Trump is getting things done

By Beverly E. Monahan

With all the Democrat failures to take down President Trump, governed by their accusations from Russian collusion to the impeachment fiasco, Barack Obama apparently has seen enough. Of course, he was always close to the action because, as memory serves, he was the only former president who remained in Washington after his terms had ended.

He watched with dismay at all that the new president was doing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare.”

ACA did not accomplish all the health care promises it presented. Those who signed up for this wonder program were not receiving all benefits they believed were to be theirs. The wait times to see physicians or health care services that would have been beneficial for their needs were unsatisfactorily delayed. Democrats were still promoting this health care program as the be-all end-all for American health care services, but it was not the reality for the patients.

President Trump did not complete the shutdown of Obamacare, but was able to disable its overall performance, making it undesirable. There were more policies in the health care systems than before, allowing patients to receive immediate and proper care. Under the Trump administration, veterans were to receive more immediate health care services.

President Trump was able to make our allies in NATO pay their fair share. Obama always wanted everyone to pay their fair share, and now, NATO was made to do just that. Before President Trump’s time, few prior presidents ever made such requests to our allies. Letting America make the payments to ensure NATO was functioning to its capacity was fine with them. That changed under Trump, and they now make their payment schedule.

Trump may not be the polished politician we have all become accustomed. Charm is not success. Trump viewed problems differently. Washington had become a swamp and he wanted it gone. Some of his efforts to remove elements of the swamp have proven successful, but much is to be completed.

This election year is developing to be a hard-fought political battle. The Democrats’ presumed presidential choice is Joe Biden with, to date, no chosen vice presidential candidate, although Joe has stated it should be a woman. Obama has kept abreast of the political activities and all the Democratic failures presided over by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Jerrold Nadler. All their accusations and platforms to remove the incumbent have fallen short. With these negative results damaging anti-Trump efforts, the most important Democrat of all appears to have come to their rescue to seat Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Obama must assist Joe Biden in his quest for the presidency as he will not succeed in the race alone. Obama is their ace in the hole. The Democrats desperately need every weapon they can muster to defeat the incumbent that brought America to its greatest resurgence in history prior to COVID-19. Trump will pull no punches to achieve complete American revitalization. Biden’s political agendas, including Obama’s presence, cannot achieve that same success. America would return to “Back to the Future,” the backward movement that America endured during past presidential arenas.

The coronavirus was a gift to the Democratic Party. They could now add to their Trump accusations that his administration handled nothing in the most effective manner possible. They neglected to mention that under Obama, absolutely nothing was prepared for such a horrific event. Trump in his usual unorthodox manner acted accordingly to get actions in place to develop and ensure all areas of need were addressed by the best scientific technology, with expert medical personnel and private corporations able to advise the safest guidelines, while providing the necessary equipment to combat and defeat this dreaded disease.

America will survive this most difficult period. We are a strong people. What we are witnessing on American streets are acts of overpowering, evil destruction willed by anti-American forces who have infiltrated the rightful and justified protest movement forum. The burning and desecration of our heritage is wrong. The destruction of our statues is an inexcusable tragedy that eliminates our beloved country’s history. America has endured it all, the good, the bad and the ugly of our forefathers. It is our history that has proven our strength as a brave nation to survive and flourish.

Politicians who are not ethically strong and who only follow mob rule are ignorantly weak. On Election Day, those who are ineffective must be removed from their political positions. Nov. 3 will be the most important day in our American heritage.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly E. Monahan lives in Dover.