Commentary: US airstrike on Iran’s Soleimani was justified

Having critiqued the numerous negative commentaries regarding my views relative to President Trump, I take them as a compliment. Their distress indicates I must be doing something right. I will continue to do so.

President Trump authorized the elimination of the top Iranian military forces leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani was the head of the evil Iranian Quds, a group that incorporates the combined forces of terror throughout the Middle East and beyond.

President Trump had patiently viewed the atrocities perpetrated upon Americans and our allies for quite some time. Iran’s Soleimani was determined to destroy our beloved country. Iran’s “Death to America” solemnly states and confirms that determined intent of American destruction. Soleimani has the blood of hundreds of American lives on his hands. He cannot do no more dangerous terrorism acts focused on America and our allies.

President Trump’s “red line” has been crossed — and his positive instruction to eliminate the second top Iranian leader Soleimoni was effectively activated by an American airstrike. It was a justified action of which no Democrat has approved. That negative Democratic response is blatantly wrong! Speaker of the House of Horrors Pelosi stated that President Trump did not receive authorization from Congress for the Iranian airstrike. Was that potential permission really going to be granted by Queen Nancy I’s approval? I think not.

The president made the correct decision considering the currently polarized condition that exists in the American Congress. The president, as always, put America first.

President Trump’s red line in the sand had been crossed — and his positive instruction to eliminate the demonic Soleimani was effectively carried out by the successful airstrike. Brave warriors all!

President Obama drew his “line” in the sand regarding Syria and then passively stood by to watch as America was shown to be unable to fulfill a satisfactory Syrian conclusion to hostilities. When guided by the do-nothing Obama ill-fated policies, conditions in Syria and its surrounding environs only deteriorated and ended in disaster for all inhabitants of these battle-infested territories.

This form of inaction will not be tolerated and accepted by the Trump Administration. If prior presidents had done their jobs properly, President Trump would not be placed in the precarious position he now holds to secure and protect America and our allies. Our brave military is fully prepared to defend our positions throughout the world. They know their Commander-in-Chief President Trump has their six and so do the American people!

Iranian leaders’ consumption of hatred for America is endless. It must be stopped before more damage is plagued upon the innocent people of Iranian wrath.

President Trump has the resources at the ready to perform this task and to complete any action required in this undertaking. As America has the strongest economy in the world and Iran is justifiably suffering daily monetarily losses, the victor of this dangerous entanglement will be America destined to be the successor in this combative arena.

President Trump’s role as leader of the free world will achieve our American goals and establish the long-awaited supremacy over the evil forces destroying democracy-loving people throughout the world. He proved once again that America will stand and deliver.

Our Congress should take a page from that lesson and stop their obstruction of justice and abuse of power by positively working together with the POTUS ensuring America’s successful future!

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan is a resident of Dover.