Commentary: What a way to run a country

This week we were treated to endless platitudes about how much the Democrats love the Constitution and are simply enforcing its laws. There was no mention of their belief in a “living” Constitution, their desire to get rid of the electoral college, or ignore laws they disagree with.

The democratic process is enshrined in the Constitution, yet they have sought to impeach the president since the day he was elected by 63 million Americans. From the beginning, impeachment was a process in search of a crime. The reasons presented as “evidence” evaporated before their eyes, but they continued to power on. First it was collusion with the Russians, then obstruction of justice, quid pro quo, bribery and then abuse of power. We underwent the two-year Mueller report that produced nothing, followed immediately by shenanigans in Ukraine.

Democrats seem unconcerned by Hillary Clinton shielding FOIA records on her private server. Nor were they concerned about obstruction of justice when she destroyed over 30,000 emails, made computer servers disappear or smashed hard drives and cell phones. Likewise, they are not at all bothered by Hunter Biden getting an extremely well-paid job with a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice president.

Hunter Biden had no credentials for the job, he had no experience in the energy business, did not speak Ukrainian, and he certainly was not offering ethical advice on avoiding corruption. What he did offer was access to his father, the sitting vice president. A vice president that bragged about threatening to withhold American aid from Ukraine if they did not fire the prosecutor investigating the company that hired his son. Their hatred for Donald Trump has simply blinded Democrats to all of this.

We will now need to endure an impeachment process that has little chance of succeeding. In the Senate, in order to impeach, they must convince two-thirds of the electorate to vote their way. That will require convincing 20 of 53 Republican senators to vote with Democrats, something that’s highly unlikely. This is a Hail Mary pass they feel they must throw, fearing defeat by Donald Trump at the ballot box.

The impeachment proceedings in the Republican-controlled Senate will look quite different than those in the Democrat-controlled House. Power will essentially flip from onc side to the other. Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, Hunter Biden and maybe even Joe Biden will almost certainly be questioned under oath, as will other people with direct connections to Ukraine.

It’s going to the winter of discontent for some and retribution for others. And this is just the pre-game show before an election that will almost certainly drive even more people crazy.

Hylton Phillips-Page is a resident of Rehoboth Beach.

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