Commentary: What happened to the Democratic party of old?

When I was a boy growing up in the southern tier of upstate New York, my parents, and most everyone in my hometown were Democrats. My mother was heavily involved with the Democratic Women’s movement and an ardent supporter of Hilary. Ma, how could you? To me, my father, most of my family, and the majority of my hometown, the Dems were the champions of the working man while the Republicans were the mainstay of the affluent — doctors, lawyers, and businessmen. What happened to the Dems?

Fast forward to today and it’s easy to see why the Democrats have forsaken the idea of being the champion of the working man. They truly believe that our country is being destroyed by capitalism, the economic system upon which our great nation was built, and that socialism will end that destruction.

Just listen to all of the Democratic candidates and their class warfare campaigns. Capitalism is touted as a system of the haves and have nots, and the only way for everyone to have an equitable chance is to have the government provide for all of your basic needs. Translation, bureaucrats and politicians will do a better job of taking care of you than you can for yourself.

Their transition from capitalism to socialism didn’t start with Obama, but he allowed socialistic ideas to flourish during his eight years. His veiled socialism allowed Bernie Sanders to flourish and challenge for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. However, Hillary had the convention rigged, winning the 2016 nomination.

Fortunately for all of us, her absolute belief in entitlement to the presidency coupled with a terrible campaign strategy, caused her to lose. President Trump has restored our nation, and like him or hate him, he’s brought us back from Obama’s socialistic practices. Unfortunately, his impeachment was started the night he won election.

With President Trump’s victory, the impeachment process became the sole strategy of the Democrat party. Impeachment has become their absolute passion and sole reason for being as they attempt to overturn a popular election and get revenge for Hillary’s loss.

As the impeachment circus moves forward, our president continues the work of his office and from an economic standpoint, we are flourishing like never before.

On the other hand, the Democrats are searching for a crime that doesn’t exist as they drive the impeachment train forward. The hearings held to date, and those planned, are a farce. I believe the House will impeach (how many scared first-term Dems will vote no?), but finding 67 votes to convict in the Senate will never happen.

Our founding fathers understood the potential danger of one political party using impeachment as a political weapon. As such, they designed the system to ensure that a “true impeachment” process would be supported by a vast majority of voters, hence the two-thirds requirement in a Senate trial. So, where does the country go, and what do the Dems do next?

The Dems will muddle through the campaign season without a clear winner, entering their nominating convention extremely fractured with no one taking the first ballot. That’s when the fun begins. In the smoky back rooms, the DNC, the Obamas, and the Clintons will orchestrate the nomination of the eventual loser to President Trump. With his victory, the Republicans will take back the House and keep the Senate. As for the Dems, they will continue to fight, not only amongst themselves, but also with our president. The key strategic question is, what happens in 2024?

For the Democrats, the working man is nothing more than a symbol of the past. The Democrats have been overtaken by the far left and the unholy four. These four women and their supporters, unlike anything we’ve ever seen, truly represent the possibility that our Democratic Republic could be destroyed; being replaced by not only socialism, but with sharia law. Those four have generated enough negative concern within their districts that they will most likely be challenged next November. One can only pray for their collective loss.

What’s worse, Delaware’s three elected representatives support them, their socialistic goals and their fervent beliefs. The voters of New Castle County will most likely keep these three in power. Our representative in the House, Blunt-Rochester, is pulled by the ring in her nose to vote accordingly; Carper, whose nose ring has been pulled for years, can’t put 10 words together to form a coherent sentence; and Coons, the worst of the three because he professes to work both sides of the aisle, who is also nose ringed, believes you are guilty until proven innocent.

The Dems are a party in disarray who lack strong leadership in general and a leader per se. As we watch this impeachment circus train move forward, I believe many Americans will see how the far left has become the base of the Democratic party, and what it truly means for the future of our Democratic Republic.

A party that once claimed it was for the working man has become the party of socialism. I believe, and suspect the majority of Americans believe President Trump’s statement — the United States will never become a socialistic nation.

Frank Daniels, of Dover, is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.

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