Commentary: What would Confucius say about Donald Trump?

The DSN commentary (“Impeachment hopes spring eternal(ly) for Democrats,” Nov. 21) by Beverly Monahan was filled with pro-Trump and anti-Democrat opinions that deserve to be challenged. Monahan refuses to acknowledge the case against Trump. The polls are running against him 54% to 42%, the performance scores on his promises are also very poor.

Outcomes of court lawsuits brought against the Trump administration are all running seriously against him and are at least double in number compared to those that were against Obama. The rest are in process.

And how about Monahan’s praise of Trump for keeping our military strong? Monahan was not looking or listening when Trump stole $5 billiion from our military budget — instead of getting it from Mexico like he promised — to build that border wall? And all the reports on how that wall can be defeated?

Consider this partial list of facts: The large wave of guilty pleas, convictions, and indictments brought against Trump associates following the Mueller investigation. What is Trump hiding about tax situation? How about his illegal use of his foundation? He settled the Trump University fraud case out of court. Trump’s seriously messy and dubious past business track record included six bankruptcies (all easily searchable on the internet) and thousands of lawsuit involvements were evidence that he is hard to deal with.

Three reports from our Senate, House, and the joint CIA-FBI-NSA intelligence investigations (unclassified reports are free downloads off the internet) concluded that serious Russian election meddling took place to help Trump. Look at the chaos, turnover, and ethics problems in his administration. These all represent just a fraction of Trump’s dark cloud, which seems to me to be far bigger and darker, and getting darker by the minute, than that following any other recent U.S. politician including Richard Nixon.

This most corrupt, careless and incompetent president has been revealed by the impeachment proceedings to be clearly abusing his powers of office and confiscating significant resources of the USA not for the benefit of the USA or making the world a better place but for his specific personal re-election benefit.

To list all the damage Trump has done to our traditional allies and our beneficial role in the world would double the size of this letter.

Confucius — a well-remembered ancient Chinese sage of wisdom — says: “He who places head in sand will get kicked in end.”

Arthur E. Sowers is a resident of Harbeson.

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