Delaware families need minimum wage of $15 per hour

I stand with the middle class families in Delaware who are working to fight for better wages, health benefits and conditions of employment. That’s who I am and always will be. I advocate for a strong working middle class here in the state Delaware.

In Delaware the minimum wage is $8.25 per hour, there was a bill in the state senate in Delaware to raise the hourly wage to $9.25 an hour but it failed by a single vote this past March. There is a notion or saying that if you work hard in Delaware or America you can get ahead, such is not case for some Delawareans today.

The cold hard fact is that some Delawareans are working harder and longer just to get by, let alone to get ahead. How can some residents of Delaware pay the average rent per month to live which is about $1,150 while they only are making $8.25 an hour?

Tom Carper and I strongly support equal pay for equal work and fair wages for all, that’s why I support Tom Carper for U.S. Senate. Every day many Delawareans are still struggling to find good paying jobs so that they can provide for their families. I support the $15 minimum wage per hour, paid sick time and short term disability insurance.

Creating new good paying jobs in Delaware and not a new crisis by not supporting the $15 minimum wage is what the state of Delaware needs. This in my mind is the main success in moving Delaware residents forward to support their families. Once again Tom Carper stands with the middle class families.

I also support a make it in America agenda because it supports job creation today and in the future for the people living in Delaware. This will create good paying jobs while advancing a make it in America and stop jobs from going overseas. Technology and global competition has eliminated some good paying jobs. It has weakened the foundations of the working families. Corporate profits and stock prices have never been higher. Those at the top, have never done better. Average working wages for the middle class and working poor have barely budged.

Delaware’s governing body in Dover should not stand still in creating a minimum hourly wage of $15 an hour. If they do, it sets back the middle class workers and working poor who are focusing on bettering their family’s lives, hopes and aspirations.

I see a lot of signs posted in store windows and along the highways, help wanted at $8.25 an hour. I just keep on going.

A low minimum wage causes homeowners to fall behind in making their mortgage payments. In the development that I live which has about 200 homes, 10 are in foreclosure. To have a $15 minimum wage is the first step to spur job growth and ease the pain of Delaware residents losing their homes.

No one who works full time should have struggle to provide for their families. Many Delawareans however are still struggling to find good paying jobs and to provide for their families. Senator Tom Carper and I both agree that one of the ways that the workers of Delaware could benefit more in providing for their families is looking into job training in industries that cannot be outsourced.

Over the past few years average wages have barely increased. Many Delawareans are working just to get by. Without a good minimum wage it weakens the foundations that working families and the lower class depend on, upper mobility has stalled. A good minimum wage will spread growth and build the middle class which is the back bone of our country and state.

I believe in paying working families a fair average wage and we must keep that big economic wheel moving by preventing homes being foreclosed on here in Delaware. I believe that the first step to spun growth in the state of Delaware is a good paying job for everyone is a job that pays $15 an hour, so that all Delaware working families could enjoy a healthy standard of living.

Fifteen dollars an hour expands the opportunity for more Delaware families to spur growth, strengthen and build new foundations of their family lives.

David W. Mazur

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