Letter to the Editor: Democrats are hurting national security

I keep hearing Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff talk about how President Trump is hurting our national security. Trying to get our president out of office since before he was sworn in and never stopping. The Deep State Dems have been trying since Trump announced his intention to run for president. This is definitely a National Security issue. This latest impeachment circus is just another attempt and not a very good one, which means they are desperate. Dems are focusing on a conversation but before they ever heard it they screamed IMPEACH Trump, that’s a national security issue in itself, wanting a president impeached before you ever heard the facts.

Now, you Dems see and hear of the Joe and Hunter Biden scandals in the Ukraine and China, the video of Joe firing that Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter. Selling his office to get his son a lucrative set of jobs in these two countries, selling us American taxpayers out for a job for his son — all very serious National Security issues and the Dems and the fake news wont even mention it. They don’t care about the real news or the juicy news, or the real national security issue news — no its get Trump out NO MATTER WHAT.

The deep state, the swamp creatures like Joe Biden, you guys and gals are on your way out and that’s good for America’s National Security.

Jay Pratt


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