Election Day promises yield few results

So here we are again, another election year and both sides pointing fingers at each other. Each side claims to have the moral high ground yet both continue to play the citizens of this country for fools. Look no further than the moral turpitude of our current president, who bought the silence of a bimbo and then couldn’t get his story straight on exactly what happened. He yells “Fake News” and his fans love it, the truth be damned.

Then we have the Democrats indignant at what Trump did, yet were laughing it off when Clinton was impeached for his classy act. The Republicans expressed outrage back then, now nothing but the sound of crickets when his moral fiber is discussed.

These are not the only issues, you can draw a line from immigration to taxes to justice and what you have is a divided electorate left pointing fingers at each other. The budget deficit is exploding, but it’s OK because the rich are getting richer. Meanwhile wages have remained stagnant for the last 10 years even as the stock market reaches unheard of heights.

Oh and let’s not forget what kicked off this great recession either, sub-prime mortgages given to anyone who had a pulse and the ability to lie. For that we have both parties to blame, the Democrats got people into homes they couldn’t afford and the Republicans got deregulation of the banking industry. It was a recipe for disaster and it most assuredly occurred.

So as you head off to the voting booth on the 6th just know what is coming. Another round of finger pointing and another round of one party or the other feathering their own nest. The system is broken and rigged against the honest, hard-working and ever shrinking middle class. No matter who you vote for, the last person either Republican or Democrat will be thinking of is you. They will simply be thinking about how to line their own pockets by winning the next election.

Kevin Eickman


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