LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Groce will fight for Delaware working families, veterans

Charles Groce, who is running for the House of Representatives in the 30th District, will fight for working families here in Delaware. He stands with the middle class families that are fighting for good health benefits and better working conditions at their places of employment.

He believes in keeping working families employed. Mr. Groce is very concerned about working families losing their jobs or not finding good paying jobs that they need to support their families. He plans to work for new job training to support better job growth and opportunities for the working families here in Kent County.

Charles Groce is committed to the veterans of this county. He supports adequate funding for veterans programs to provide for the men and women that fought for this country and Kent County. The funding in turn would support what they need when they come home from war, good health benefits and to find a better paying job.

Mr. Groce is a retired master sergeant, U.S. Air Force (24 years), a veteran of Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and a veteran of Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom. He believes we have a moral responsibility to keep up with all of our veterans and wounded warriors. He is committed to helping our veterans achieve their educational goals. Mr. Groce honors the sacrifice of military families who serve alongside our service members. He believes in promoting family-friendly policies for veterans.

He will champion efforts to care for working families and veterans here in Kent County and that is why I support Charles Groce for the Delaware House of Representatives 30th District.

David W. Mazur


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