Guest Commentary: Progressive moral compasses keep Democracy alive

Yes, Democracy is still alive, but on life support. Mr. Daniel’s 01/17/19 article, “Democrats riding fast train to socialism,” was a very sad commentary, void of any semblance of empathy, of how progressive policies have struggled to gain acceptance to keep our “train on track” since the end of the second world war. In a nutshell, Frank, the world would have gone to hell in a bread basket if these progressive policies that FDR and his predecessors introduced were not continually implemented. They keep hope alive!

As you must be aware, even though you claim you do not watch political news on TV, many people all over the world, as well as the United States, are poverty stricken.

I would suggest you think about the silver spoon Republicans whose main concern apparently is to pay as little taxes as possible to build on their “gravy train.” Much has been given to those who were fortunate to be born with a silver spoon and/or decent opportunities. And many of us who were not managed to make productive lives for ourselves thanks to being born in places that offered adequate schooling and housing and shopping markets. As soon as you leave the walkway out of your domicile Frank, the streets and highways where you live and drive, the library and schools you visit, the military you served, Social Security and Medicare you receive, and many other programs are all part of our quasi-socialistic system paid for by our tax dollars.

Your party has been trying to chip away at these socialistic building blocks since the 1970’s, Frank, by allowing “financial and environmental deregulations, anti-Sherman trust law violations,” and doing their best to bust collective bargaining unions. They have made it very difficult to level the playing field that would promote living wages instead of workers too often living paycheck to paycheck. Our “gravy train” started going onto the wrong track back then. Keeping the wealth with the top 10 percent of monolithic corporations and other wealthy business owners, many of who selfishly do their best to avoid paying income taxes and not pay living wages, or offer decent health care packages, insures that the rich get richer and politically powerful, perpetuating their selfish status quo.

Are their devious practices making America great again? Add to this social injustice, the lack of comprehensive immigration reform keeps the huddled masses yearning to breathe free in their place. Remember the Statue of Liberty expressed values, Frank. Comprehensive immigration reform would result in GDP growth here and elsewhere, in contrast to the irrational xenophobia exhibited by the Republicans, that is simply a facade to hide bigotry and discrimination that “profits no one.” E-Pluribus Unum, out of many are one.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bill Clemens is a resident of Smyrna.

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