LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ISIS must be ‘defeated and obliterated from the planet’

I just returned from the most memorable trip of my life. Took a trip from Budapest, Hungary, throughout Austria directly to Germany. To see the people, history, cultures and customs was truly wonderful.

However, Europe is no wonderland. They have many severe problematic issues. Of major concern is the influx of Syrian refugees who are arriving daily in the thousands. Hungary and Germany have officially closed their borders, but the existing in-place refugees are an ongoing major fear and concern.

How long can they continue to provide services for these most needy individuals? The fear is, of course, that all are not truly strife-ridden people, but ISIS infiltrators ready and able to do serious damage at every location they enter. What will be the answer? How much vetting can really be accomplished during this population crisis?

At this point in time, Europe does not have a positive answer. They are mired in this most difficult quandary. It remains a dangerous constant of their lives.

ISIS is the major terroristic enigma of our times. It will continue to be extremely dangerous if not completely defeated and obliterated from the planet. Quite candidly, they are more dangerous and technically advanced than al-Qaida ever was.

Al-Qaida was the catalyst in promoting terror throughout the world, but ISIS has expanded the initial efforts and consistently carries it to the ultimate limits. They are far more capable of attracting the youth who may be dissatisfied with the status quo of their lives, enticing them to join the ranks of Islamic radicalism offering a new way of life.

The end result in this quest for happiness is a lifelong imprisonment by their so-called “saviors.” Young women are sold into slavery by their evil masters and passed around like pieces of meat.

ISIS must be stopped. Negotiations can only go so far. Our enemies have no interest in, nor intention of, supporting any peace treaties.

Realize these facts, Mr. President and Mr. Secretary of State. Your intentions may be well-founded, but we all know what the Road to Hell is paved with (good intentions). Evil has no respect for talk. Positive action is required. Man up, American leadership. Stand up and be counted on the right side. Allow America to be America again. No other option is open to us.

Our futures depend solely on what we do now to continue America’s world position.

The United States of America must take a more involved stand against the most dangerous enemy we have ever encountered. They are almost invisible to confront, but our leadership must make this move. Talk and reform intentions are not enough. We need a leader who will put the hammer down and keep the pressure on these terrorist monsters.

Show them that the USA means business. No more negotiating with the non-negotiators. They will never submit to our democratic way of life. They despise it. We must learn this is the cold, hard truth. Destroy ISIS. This will not be an overnight solution. Sadly, it will take many years of constant awareness and battle for our way of life to survive. It must be done.

Upon returning to the USA, the greatest nation in the world, I firmly realized that all we stand for is right. Our freedoms and, yes, confrontations, are a gift. No other country has these rights to agree to disagree. Stepping foot again on American soil doubled down my endorsed statement: “May God ALWAYS bless the United States of America!”

Beverly Monahan

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