Judge’s ruling in Bergdahl case an insult to veterans

It’s a shame that an Army judge let politics mare his ruling. This a slap in the face of all veterans that have served honorably. He should have gotten at least 10 years in military brig.

I don’t think he is telling the truth about trying to escape along with what he says about his treatment. I like to see him have to take a lie detector test. They let him ride in the front of the vehicle and not tied up in the back.

Also, they said that when they were looking for him the civilians said they had ask them where the Taliban was not where another unit was.

For all of you that never served, he had many ways to use to get his complains heard. Chain of command and with this you keep requesting till you get to see someone you trust will handle it. Plus there is your Congress people that you can write without any permission of your command. Then there is your Chaplain you are able to go to. He chose to use none of these and leave his guard post.

I also feel there is more to this than we will ever know unless it is leaked. If they change his discharge and give him medical then the military most go back and give all honorably discharged veterans full service medical care with out any copays just as if it was military connected.

In my opinion that this colonel is a Democrat and when he should have been upholding the Military Code of Justice and not his political side of justice and basing his findings on what some political remarks where made. I think President Trump should put him out like Obama did to many generals that he didn’t like.

Marvin Fortney


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