LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The acceptance of youth involvement in Delaware politics

When referring to the teenage generation of today, how often do their elders incorporate the terms “lazy,” “entitled,” “inactive,” “dependent” or similar terms in their judgment of these young adults?

As a 17-year-old in Camden, I can state without hesitation that this preconceived notion of my generation is most definitely true to a certain extent. The common unwillingness to take action to some of the enormous challenges that face our society is truly worrisome, as these same burdens will be waiting for us with the entrance into “the real world.”

This reluctance derives from many different sources, but the most prevalent amongst them is simply the lack of knowing where and how to make the first step towards involvement.

I am currently a junior at Polytech High School of Woodside, and as a co-chairman of the student-established and -organized Conservative Panther Organization, our group looks to foster interest for current events and local affairs through the use of open discussion and debate. Despite the “Conservative” title of our organization, our group is comprised of thinkers that range anywhere along the political spectrum.

Beginning in my freshman year, State Rep. Lyndon Yearick of my home 34th District has reached out and established a connection with our organization that has been extremely valuable to not only our club, but to the entire student body of Polytech High School. Mr. Yearick has led multiple assemblies at the high school, stressing the importance of voter turnout and civic duty within our community. Mr. Yearick also provided key information of how to register to vote, how to vote by absentee ballot, and how to get involved with various campaigns across the state. The compassion and desire to motivate all students to become involved in the political process, no matter their political stance, is a true testament to the character of Mr. Yearick and just one of the many reasons to vote for his re-election on Nov. 8.

U.S Congressional candidate Hans Reigle is another individual who has consistently supported our organization and welcomed the volunteer efforts of dozens of Conservative Panther members. How Mr. Reigle and Mr. Yearick view our youth is truly refreshing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with both of their campaigns. Our involvement with the campaigns of both of these remarkable candidates has allowed members of our organization to come into contact with many more officeholders throughout the state of Delaware.

How would our society look if every individual in our community followed suit with Mr. Yearick and Mr. Reigle and acknowledged the potential and capability the upcoming generation has been endowed with? The acceptance of youth participation in the political process, no matter your political view, is an occurrence that any member of our community should be proud of.

Matthew Hesterman

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