Letter to the Editor: America has dealt with troubling times in the past

FROM THE COWARDICE that comes from new truth,

From the laziness that comes from half-truths

From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth

O God of Truth, deliver us.

— A Shabbat Hebrew prayer

While I am not naïve enough to think that politicians are normally high-minded and honest, the hypocrisy level this year seems particularly high.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats did not win because of James Comey or because she was a “lousy campaigner.” She lost it because the badly thought-out Obamacare is in a death spiral, [because of] her exasperating pattern of blatant lies, and [because of] the very real suspicion that the Clinton Foundation ethically compromised standards in the State Department.

If Donald Trump did not win, it would not have been caused by the media, but by his bombastic threats and language, his sexual indiscretions, his over-the-top insults of opponents and their families and predatory business practices. It seems that no one blames themselves in the political world these days, and their rabid supporters are blind to their candidates’ deficiencies.

Today, the Obama Administration righteously cites the sanctity of national elections and denounces foreign involvement, demonstrating once again his talent for arrogant hypocrisy sincerely delivered. Obama was not shy about interfering in the Israeli election and the Brexit vote, not that his efforts were successful.

As for hacking, the president was virtually indifferent to the Chinese electronic piracy of Civil Service data and lessened the prison term of Chelsea Manning, who released records that probably cost the lives of Americans and Afghans who trusted us. Russian election hacking efforts targeting both parties were known and ignored since 2015, and one suspects that the only reason the administration decided to object was that Hillary lost.

In addition, those who “do not accept the election results” are not only undermining a bedrock of American democracy and putting our republic at risk, but also might find that turnabout is fair play — their own preferred candidate may not be accepted by the opposition in the future.

In 1960, Richard Nixon found out that Richard Daley’s Democratic machine had resurrected enough deceased voters to turn the tide for Kennedy. Knowing that a challenge would have undermined the nation’s faith in the electoral process, he decided not to pursue the issue. Richard Nixon! Today’s politicians lack the patriotism to do the same.

Abraham Lincoln famously predicated that if America were ever in danger, it would come from the decay within. What has America previously done in similar times of risk? They had revivals of faith, as they had during the Civil War. They had renewed interest in heroes of the past, before World War II. They got in touch with nature, and from it they found the strength to deal with a troubling era. That is what the doctor recommends.

Go to church, read American history and enjoy the wonders of nature, in our state and across this great land. Have a laugh or two, while you are it. Set high standards, enjoy our wonderful sunsets, our coast and the waterways in our small wonder.

Larry Koch


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