LETTER TO THE EDITOR: America ‘deserves better than what we’ve experienced’

Well, folks, we’ve got another upcoming presidential election on our horizon. As you all have heard some people say, “Right, this is a choice between bad or worse,” depending on which candidate you prefer.

There are many problematic attributes that each individual possesses. Hillary Rodham Clinton has her un-likability and trustworthiness levels that are below zero. Donald J. Trump has his brash, shoot-from-the-hip, forthright approach. That’s our choice for us to select the correct person to become the next leader of the free world.

Are we satisfied with the status quo and all the Obama Administration continuation and escalation of expenses we foresee if Hillary Rodham Clinton is crowned, or have we endured enough of the do-nothing and/or imaginary reality Obama and HRC enjoy? Should we not re-position ourselves within this world and take our rightful place with new leadership at the helm?

All the personal attacks uttered by both candidates which we must suffer are not the important issues that must be addressed and resolved. Critical, solid answers must be given concerning our economic stagnation; health care rising-cost atrocities; senior and veteran neglect; disrespect of our law-enforcement officers; issuance of new programs to weed out the very few bad apples that have unjustifiably tarnished the entire protect-and-serve, brave officers; national security, whether attacked by foreign, domestic or lone wolf radical Islamic terrorists is crucial to American safety and protection.

President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton refuse to acknowledge the term “radical Islamic terrorists” in their misguided belief that this would be an unjust attack on law-abiding Muslims. This enemy is not representative of Islam. They are the enemy of all peoples, including all of the Muslim communities. It is time that the president and Hillary Rodham Clinton learn that, if you do not know who your enemy, is you cannot defeat them.

Quite candidly, in good faith, I cannot vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is not her first rodeo. She is a professional politician who has learned all the rules and how to avoid their pitfalls in the political arena. She’s been around the Pennsylvania Avenue block in Washington, D.C., for decades. Nothing has been resolved to a positive fruition by her ineffective efforts.

New blood is necessary — give the outsider Donald J. Trump the opportunity to see if he can right our floundering ship. No more wasteful spending that we have seen exceedingly escalate throughout the years. Renegotiate those bad deals that politicians who know nothing about fair and profitable rewards for America that they have decreed. Politicians are punching above their weight when it comes to their involved participation in trade policy.

Our beloved country deserves better than what we’ve experienced. No more unfulfilled promises and pie-in-the-sky promotions that consistently go over budget, beholding unintended consequences with their unacceptable explanations which are unfathomable to truth.

Let us take this opportunity to see for ourselves what kind of president Donald J. Trump can make — the difference we require to Make America Great Again. His election will prove to the middle class that he truly will benefit their lives; while Hillary Rodham Clinton talks a good game … she will not produce accordingly.

She proclaims her disdain and abhorrence for the 1-percenters, Wall Street and Goldman-Sachs, while, at the same time, welcomes their healthy contributions to her campaign coffers. There goes that pesky, untrustworthy level lower again.

This presidential election will determine our country’s future. Do we want to remain in our current apologetic stagnation that we have tolerated for the past eight years, or do we start afresh with a new beginning? We need that Hope and Change we were heralded but never received, and now desperately need. No more unfulfilled promises.

We must have strong, truthful statements and ideas that actually work for our benefit. No more Mr. Nice Guy to the Iranian devils who speak “Death to America” while accepting millions of dollars from our country. American leadership is hungry to be respected and heard. Elect Donald J. Trump and see Americans flourish again as we rightfully merit and deserve!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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