LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton?

It is my hope that Democrats read this letter and respond to its contents. I would like to know just why they intend to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is a fraud. She has lied and lied throughout her public career. I do not want to spend too much space mentioning her lies; everyone knows she lies, and the Democrats do not seem to mind her lies. What in the heck is wrong with them? How can you possibly feel that she would be a good president?

She lied about her emails, and the FBI proved that she did. They did not recommend any legal action because the Obama administration saw to that. The FBI director, Mr. Comey, had a sterling reputation coming into those hearings. Now his career is toast.

I am an old man who has lived through many presidents’ tenures, and this current president is, by far, the worst. My Democratic friends, please don’t try to tell us what a wonderful job he has done. Illegal immigrants are streaming into our country by the thousands, and Obama has done nothing except to allow them to stay. Refugees are also pouring into our country, and with them are many potential terrorists.

Look what has happened in Europe. The various European countries are being destroyed by Muslims who intend to take over as many countries as possible. Race relations in this country are terrible and have gotten gradually worse during Obama’s stay in the White House.

Obamacare is awful, and if nothing is done to repeal and replace it, health care will go belly up. I can go on and on about President Obama’s failure, and I mean failure. And I hope that the black people in this country don’t defend him because he has done absolutely nothing to improve their lives.

Obama is a disgrace to the thousands of well-qualified and honorable black people who must sit back and watch the gradual decay of their race in this country. Let us remember this: he said he will fundamentally transform our country. And electing Hillary Clinton is simply signing onto more of the same, and it will be even worse.

Hillary Clinton is a disgrace to all females. She is dishonest to the core. She is a nasty individual with a vindictive nature. Eventually, all of her lies and dishonesty will surface. Let us hope it is not while she is our president – God forbid!

P.S. Let’s not forget that she is responsible for the death of our four citizens who were left to die in Benghazi while she lied to cover up that travesty. She is corrupt and conniving and will do anything to become the president. And shame on all you Democrats who support her and applaud her. Just remember this, if you put her in office, you will be responsible for the eventual FALL of our great country. Think long and hard about your vote!

John Carlin

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