LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Area infrastructure projects just ‘federally funded boondoggles’

As a candidate for U.S. Congress in 2018, I urge all Delawareans to consider the value of two federally funded infrastructure projects now underway in Delaware costing hundreds of millions of dollars. These two projects are siphoning off funds needed elsewhere for more important infrastructure needs.

The first is the Frederica interchange north of Milford. Instead of addressing real traffic problems like beach access roads running east-west, the taxpayer is essentially paying for a pork barrel project benefiting only closed-shop construction and government employee unions, specifically education unions.

At this time, there is no existing business benefiting from this project. There is no private sector business even located at the interchange. What is there now is a complex of athletic fields mainly — if not totally used — by public schools in the tri-state area to hold tournaments.

I am sure the “build it and they will come” mentality spawned this waste of public funds. But the real world does not operate on this principle. Demand creates investment and not the other way around. But Big Government types never studied private sector economics. In their naiveté, they really believe they can “create” demand with our money.

Few, if any businesses will locate here without state subsidies, for quite some time. And the ones that do will be junk food purveyors and maybe one hotel, maybe.

My next federally funded boondoggle is the U.S. 113 improvements. This north-south highway is lightly used except in Milford, Georgetown and Millsboro only during rush hours and even then pales in comparison to U.S. 13 in Dover, the Del. 1 approach to I-95 and the I-95 corridor itself, frequently a parking lot.

U.S. 113 is level and extremely safe. The road is well paved. Stop lights are infrequent. Again, this is a pork barrel project benefiting the closed-shop construction trades who align themselves with the education unions.

Now, these are all fine people; very intelligent and generally hard-working. But taxpayer money is being wasted on inflated prices for these projects and misallocated away from infrastructure projects that are desperately needed elsewhere.

If elected, I will work hard to get the taxpayers more bang for the buck’

Scott Walker

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