LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bashing of Trump is ‘unfair’

In response to comments submitted by Frances Bethel III on June 28 (“Wrong! Most Americans didn’t forget!). I was always taught that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. Obviously, Mr. Bethel missed that lesson. Certainly, a person has a right to their opinion, but to offer nothing more than a “bashing” of our president is unfair.

I completely disagree that President Trump is distant and divisive. When ever in this country have we witnessed a president go out among the people as this man has? He even opened communication with the public by twittering in order to not be misquoted. Yes, he is outspoken and sometimes says too much, but he is not a politician. I appreciate the fact that he speaks to me and not over me and doesn’t care about always being politically correct. I feel he is the most transparent president I have seen in years and I find that refreshing.

You said “ever since Trump has been elected, it’s OK for people to do whatever they want and say whatever they feel”. Do you mean like holding up the severed head of an image of the president, saying you dream about blowing up the White House or producing a play that shows the president being assassinated? These acts of violence were all products of the far left. By the way, when did race tensions accelerate to violence and destruction of property? It seems to me that it was during the Obama years. He had a unique opportunity to unite the races and failed miserably.

As far as your comments about Trump and his so-called and unproven obstruction investigation, I feel time would be better spent and more productive if Hillary, Comey and Lynch were the targets of questioning.

You said President Trump has been quick to criticize every country. Quite the contrary, he has been on damage control after Obama’s apology tour of nations where he told the world that America is not exceptional. Our current president also has to deal with Obama’s famous “line in the sand” declaration that was an embarrassment to this country.

President Trump has met with numerous allies and is working on regaining the respect our country deserves.

Mr. Bethel compared Trump to being nothing more than a used car salesman, painting a picture of dishonesty that I don’t believe the hard-working salesman deserves any more than the president does.

In closing let me introduce myself. I am a deplorable! I raised four children and have been blessed with 10 grandkids. All are doing well, not because things were given, but because of hard work and sacrifice. President Trump was elected and deserves our respect.

Charlotte Moreland


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