LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A choice between two ‘liars’

This is in response to John Carlin’s editorial opinion titled “Why would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton?” [July 25]

No, John, I am not going to defend the lady; instead, I would ask that you give equal time to the other “liar” on the scene. According to your statements “everyone knows she (Hillary) lies.” This kind of opinion smacks of hearsay and blind following without any effort on the part of the individual to determine if the lies were actually told.

The other liar on our presidential choice has had the “facts” he has presented analyzed by an impartial panel of experts who have found that 63 percent of those “facts” just ain’t so.

Not only can this candidate lie (and he hasn’t even become president yet), but he behaves in a manner which would get him expelled from pre-school, cares nothing about anyone but himself, thinks women and the handicapped are beneath his attention, and is totally against any nationality he deems a threat.

His prime goal in life is winning. I have visions of him sitting privately and wondering what in the world he is going to do with the “prize” of winning the office of the President of the United States. But never mind, he’ll figure it out and get back to you on that!

As I see it, John, the citizens of the United States have been presented with two dubious candidates for the office of the president. I guess the only resolution is to make a choice between the “devil” we already know and the one who has given us few concrete ideas of what he will [do] if we let him into our daily lives. Sorry, there is no do-over available.

Evelyn L. Pearson

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