LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate change a ‘global lie’

“Man-made global warming” is a man-made global lie used to advance a false political propaganda agenda in order to promote socialistic globalism. It is a lie because the only heat source in the universe available to planet Earth is the sun. Only God has control over the sun.

“Climate change” has been going on forever. I will state here and now as absolute fact that this winter will be cold and next summer will be hot. A 50 percent chance of rain (actual forecast, 5/12/17 – DSN) means maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t.

“They’ can’t tell us if it will rain today or where the hurricane will go tomorrow or when the quake will strike, but “they” can tell us all about the weather 50 years from now? Many have been deceived.

Fred Allen Bass

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