LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress needs to fix the gun problem

How many more children and staff have to die in schools? How many more people have to die in churches? How many more people have to die at concerts? How many more people have to die in nightclubs…by the hands of gunfire? This needs to stop now!

The GOP needs to stop catering to the NRA and do whats right for America! When Sept. 11, 2001, happened, it was fixed the first time. However, this is a rerun that’s been seen over and over again and Congress does nothing, afraid to step on the NRA’s toes.

Well now it’s time to not only step on their toes, it’s time to stomp on their toes! Our future is in jeopardy. Our culture is in jeopardy. The state of our country is in jeopardy! It is way too easy for anyone to purchase an assault rifle.

When the 2nd Amendment was indoctrinated, specifically stating the right to bear arms, I don’t believe it was referring to weapons of war! I’ve even heard push back from some members of Congress saying that there are already 5 million assault rifles out on the streets now and there’s no way we can go house to house and retrieve those 5 million assault rifles.

Let me be abundantly clear, no one is talking about going from house to house to collect 5 million assault rifles. But we can do something to prevent another 5 million assault rifles from being out there and into the hands of the wrong person. As Americans, are we saying that we love our guns more than we love our children? We all know that the NRA is a strong contributer to the Republican Party. This is one reason why Sen. Marco Rubio has been quiet as a church mouse about the Parkland, Florida shooting. The NRA contributed 3 million dollars to his campaign alone.

As a whole, the NRA only has roughly 5 million members, which is 7 percent of all gun owners. In fact, most gun owners are not an NRA member and do not agree with their stance on guns! With all of this being said, the United States has the worse murder/suicide rate by guns than any other country! The United States has the most overcrowded prisons than any other country. The worse part about those facts is the United States is not even the biggest country. There is something wrong with our culture.

This shooting is different than any other because now the victims (the youth) are passionately speaking out. Donald Trump said recently that arming teachers with guns would help. That is not the answer.

The problem is that there are too many assault rifles that are too easy to purchase. We can address mental health and yes we can address the age limit. But what we really need to do is ban these AR-15’s! If anyone who hunts needs to go buy an AR-15, along with tons of ammo, this person is not going to be hunting animals,they will be hunting humans! Gun laws and restrictions must be put in place. It’s all about having good common sense! We need to hold our elected officials accountable, regardless of whether they are a Democrat or a Republican.

If they don’t or won’t back gun reform, then we need to move our vote to someone who will. This way, no matter where or who the NRA puts their money behind, that candidate will be held to the same accountability. This country is supposed to be the example of a higher standard for the rest of the world. Now the world is watching. Americans are watching. Most notably, our children are not only watching, they are speaking. These children will soon be old enough to vote and have defiantly stated that if they don’t see change within Congress to improve gun reform, then they will change Congress!

Trump and Congress have the power to fix this and do right by the American people. Stop putting the NRA between you and your country.

Here’s something to ponder: the NRA has 5 million members. Do you know what the difference is with those 5 million members? They show up at all cost! Especially if it’s in direct conflict with gun sales or gun control! They show up at meetings. They show up at any gun reform bill legislation. They know whats coming! That’s power.

So we as Americans who want gun reform must start showing up during elections, especially this November!

Francis A Bethel III

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