LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The curse of social justice must be thwarted

If you wonder why race relations have turned hostile in the last decade, blame “social justice”. It is a strategy that pits one class against another, will not allow old wounds to heal, and claims that oppression is still rampant and institutionalized. It is a vicious and manipulative tactic.

These “victims” can never be placated or pacified, especially as new generations of descendants from enslaved ancestors and other disadvantaged groups come into being. Too many will be tempted to use their “historical grievance” as a crutch, and will simmer, seethe and fester while they are convinced they are “continually being oppressed”.

Social justice is a socialist construct, all about chaos and the redistribution of wealth, as if there were enough money in the world to heal all the wrongs of history. We must realize that each of us is responsible for the consequences of our own free will and no one else’s; not our siblings not our children, and certainly not our ancestors from past generations.

Social justice is a never-ending grievance factory that must be ended. Not only does it stir up and perpetuate hostility and division over times immemorial to the present, but it is a distraction from true justice, which can only adjudicate cases where people can be called to account by criminal and civil courts, and evil policies and practices can be re-examined. Consider the practice of keeping the poor and minorities in failing schools, or the policy of welfare destroying the family unit and promoting fatherless families, or the fiction of separating God and morality from government and society.

Social justice warriors continuously rut like pigs looking for something to blame America for, including manufacturing reasons like “mass incarceration of minorities”, and perpetuating the theme of “institutional racism”. It is true that there are more minorities in jail than the representative populations would seem to call for. But the “mass incarceration” theory rests on the assumption that each race, ethnicity, every individual’s characteristics, every aspect of nurture and environment, education and intellect, are equal.

But even twins, the closest natural occurrence to clones, despite their growing up in the same family, attending the same schools, and living through the same events, are still unique! Mass incarceration is a result of more violent poor and minority males, most of whom have been plea-bargained down to lesser crimes.

There may be a racial component, but it pales in comparison to the frustration of these minorities being held back because of poor family structure (absent fathers), poor education, fewer opportunities (no skills, inadequate education), rejecting authority (no discipline), and having to sell drugs (too few job opportunities).

The only purpose of social justice is to exploit our differences, and use that hate to the left’s advantage. Social justice must be abandoned, and equal justice restored.

It will take an exceptional effort for many of these “victims” to not be enslaved again by their own history. They must see the truth of the consequences of their own free will, of good education, self-improvement, and hard work; they must take responsibility for their own lives and destiny.

The past cannot be changed, but the path of our future can; if we start from the present and learn from the past.

Armand Carreau

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