LETTER TO TO THE EDITOR: Delaware General Assembly throwing seniors to the curb

The Delaware legislative body on the last day of their last session decided to reduce the money given to senior centers across the state by 20 percent. They took that money to help balance the budget. What they have done to senior citizens is unbelievable.

What this has done to seniors all across the state is horrible to say the least. These centers are very important because of all that they offer as far as help for those who need it. Such as there is no logical reason for them cutting the funding. They did have other options but chose a different route.

There are other ways to balance the budget. They could raise the tolls on the bridges and highways. Other states have a sales tax. Raise the fees at the state parks just a few dollars.

But not this legislative body. They say “The heck with seniors. Let them fend for themselves.” Seniors have taken a beating over the years, and one day you will be one. Work with us now so you don’t have to face it down the road like we are.

Here is what we need you to do. I am giving you all the different ways to contact Gove. Carney and tell him to get the legislative body back in Legislative Hall now.

Folks, what they forgot is this. Seniors citizens are the largest voting block of people in the United States of America. The last I knew Delaware is in the United States Of America isn’t it? Folks, tell them they are going to lose your vote unless they help the seniors. Let them know that the power of the index fingers of each hand is as powerful as a gun when it comes to the voting booth. You can aim it at the incumbent or at his or her challenger right now. The seniors have fired the first shot, and smoke is coming out of the finger.

I am asking every registered voter to contact the governor’s office and ask him to bring the legislative body back into session to make changes to the budget.

Their choice is which one do they want to be? The one that goes home or the one that stays. That my friends, is the choice they have to make.

Hopefully they will make the right choice, for if they don’t they can pack their bags and go home.

Ways to contact the governor: Wilmington office phone number 302-577-3210. Dover office 302-744-4101 or Facebook or Twitter.

I want to say thank you to everyone who wants to help us. With you supporting us now, you won’t have to face it down the road.

Pete Karras

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