LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware should help fund SPCA

It is ridiculous how the Delaware state government has not funded a single dollar to the Delaware Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

This SPCA is the oldest animal-welfare nonprofit organization, having 140 years of giving back to the community. Delaware should be responsible for funding the DELSPCA. If donations are the only thing keeping animal rights controlling overpopulation, controlling disease, then work, time and money need to be put in to financially support these groups.

One reason that the DELSPCA should receive government funding is because the organization puts all of its time into protecting animal rights. According to “Delaware SPCA 2015 statistics”: “Total number of dogs adopted: 1102, number of cats adopted: 775 … Live release rate: 98.6%.”

The DELSPCA has contributed to a lot of the adoptions of homeless animals, so, it needs to be funded by the Delaware state government because they do their job well in keeping animal rights by helping them live golden and happy lives.

Another logical reason that the Delaware state government should be responsible for funding the Delaware SPCA is because they are committed in controlling animal-spread diseases.

According to “animalservices.delaware.gov/services/rabies,” “In 2014, 2,300 cases of rabies were exposed to humans.” Without the DELSPCA being there to cure sick animals with rabies, there would be more cases of rabies being exposed to humans, so, the DELSPCA should be financially supported so safety is upheld in our community.

Finally, the last reason the government should fund the DELSPCA is they are committed to controlling animal overpopulation. According to “ASPCA.org” “homeless animals section, “About 70 million cats are homeless nationwide … 85% are not neutered or spayed … 90% do not have their proper rabies shots.” Without the SPCA, there will be more homeless animals that crows and populate more and more across the streets of the state, which is why the SPCA should be funded so that homeless animals will not overpopulate the streets.

While it is true that having the government help fund this organization would raise payments in taxes, my point still stands that the welfare of animals and people in our community are confided in the DELSPCA, so, it needs to be funded well.

Without the Delaware SPCA, animals in our community would not have the rights and better welfare that they have with the SPCA.

So, write to your government legislators and tell them that the state should fund the DELSPCA.

Bryan Rolon

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