LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware overriding, ignoring the ‘laws of the land’

As an unabashed conservative, I easily recognize what makes us different from our liberal opposites. We tend to look for the best in people and hope they fulfill our expectations. Liberals, however, expect us to be gullible and to just step aside when they get stupid. Like Charlie Brown, we keep trying, only to have Lucy pull the football out at the last second.

I got to Page 3 of the State News today (April 12) and just knew by the headlines [“State’s social services department won’t share immigration info with feds”] that one of the requisites of governing Delaware is to expect everyone to be stupid. It seems that our new governor isn’t that much different from our last one and that he’s managed to find people just like himself to head the staff offices under him.

It’s bad enough that the second-smallest state in the union is led by a group who assumes their positions to override the laws of the land and to blatantly ignore them. The only thing worse would be to advertise that fact, and that’s exactly what Health and Human Services Secretary Kara Odom Walker proves to have done. She cavalierly begins by trying to misuse the word “immigrants.” She implies that a person coming into our country illegally has some “rights” and is “eligible” for our benefits. She even smothers the correct terms by calling them “non-lawful aliens” instead of the illegal aliens they are.

Just when I thought no one could make a dumber comment, John Carney was interviewed. He could have actually gotten a free pass, as the author noted that the policies were instigated by the last guy who drove our treasury into bankruptcy, but instead, he just jumped right into the fray. He embellishes his stance by saying that he continues “to meet with our immigrant communities.” As if that weren’t enough, he goes on to remind everyone of the liberal doublespeak of “We are a country founded on immigration.”

Governor, you’ve only been in office a few months. You brought some heavy baggage with you from Washington after your “sit-in demonstration.” You stepped out of the kettle and into the fire immediately with the prison situations and your promise to raise taxes, reduce benefits, and lay heavier burdens on the working-class citizens of Delaware.

Please get one thing straight: this country was built on the backs of people who came here and went through a legal process to become citizens of this country. Yes, they were immigrants. The people you speak of are lawbreakers and scofflaws. You wouldn’t expect someone to come into your home without an invite or a police escort.

Why are you so eager, as the chief executive of this state, to let “undocumented visitors” come into our “house” and steal our hard-earned money in order to obtain services that many of our own legal residents are denied?

Need I remind you that Delaware is a sovereign state and you serve as the chief law enforcement officer representing those of us who fund its operations? It would seem incumbent upon you to represent us and our concerns without giving it away to those who have no investment in our state.

Honor the oath you took and support and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I might remind you that those words imply supporting the government of the United States and its laws, as well.

George Roof

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