LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Delaware playing a ‘dangerous game’ with state’s children

The state of Delaware, its governor, its legislators, its Department of Education, and the media, are playing a deadly game with our children.

In the name of “anti-bullying,” the school system has been sold a cure worse than the disease, much worse. It is not enough to ask children to be kind to others and their differences, our children must be immersed in their lifestyle in order to empathize. They must be exposed to the madness, until they believe it is normal and mainstream, and that their parents are bigots. This is an overreaching anti-bullying process designed to drive a wedge between parent and child, and help create another “oppressed” class that Democrats must protect.

Gov. Carney has called for a Prohibition of Transgender Discrimination, or Regulation 225. This is a regulation to be adopted by the Delaware Department of Education, it is not going to be discussed or voted on in our General Assembly. Public comment ended Dec. 4, but it has been temporarily delayed because of all the public outcry. This issue will not die easily. The complaints will be reviewed, and the regulation softened or veiled, and a new public comment period quietly announced.

It seems perfectly fine that school teachers might suggest to small children that cross-dressing, or playing with opposite-sex toys, or reading from a book which introduces this topic, is appropriate; even though it might possibly confuse children as young as 5 years old.

This is resulting in an upsurge of gender-identity confusion (gender dysphoria) in our young children and young adults. This is nothing less than psychological warfare against children who haven’t a clue about how they are being manipulated. These transgenders, confused or manufactured, suffer depression, substance-abuse, cannot reproduce, and have a suicide rate of up to 40 percent.

The regulation considers parents who oppose this process or disapprove of a non-natal sex decision a “non-ally” of the child’s wishes and health. Parents who will not accept this gender confusion, will not be notified of any changes made in school (legal name change, cross-dressing, further indoctrination, etc.), they will have little input to child or teacher. It is possible the child may even be removed from the parents. There would be no official way to fight the child’s confusion as therapists who try to help, would risk losing their certifications (see Delaware Senate Bill 65 already passed by the Senate).

So, one must conclude that a very small minority of real transgendered children who really do need our help, are being exploited to appear as another “oppressed” class of citizens that the Democrats need to protect. Transgenderism is being encouraged, and conversion therapy back to biological gender is being discouraged. Our children are simply pawns and collateral damage in this very dangerous political ploy.

Introducing gender identity to normal children at a young age should be criminal. Prohibiting therapy to help that child back to normalcy must be an indictment of the school district from the governor, state legislators, Department of Education, and down to the teachers foolish enough to implement this psychological war on our children.

This practice endangers the mental and sexual health of our children and encourages them to keep secrets from their parents, which not only denies to parents important information necessary to help guide the child’s growth path, but can hide further child abuse in the future. And it further fortifies the state’s authority over our children at a very young age.

This is way beyond anti-bullying, so why is this happening? Is it a part of the further destruction of the family? Parents have already ceded much authority over their children by allowing the state to babysit the kids from kindergarten on, and in some cases from infancy on (daycare).

If you haven’t already, please go to https://www.delawarefamilies.org/act-r225-petition to sign a petition against this insanity. When you do, our governor and the General Assembly will be copied so they understand where We the People stand.

Study this issue. Make sure everyone you know that has a child or grandchild is aware of this issue, and raise voice and pen to the Governor and the Delaware Department of Education.

Some of our children will be needlessly ruined to comply with this transgender agenda soon to be in effect, just as some of our children are being ruined by the similar gay agenda in our schools. You must choose between bullying and collateral damage, or having grandchildren or great-grandchildren!

Armand Carreau

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