Letter to the Editor” Delawareans should educate themselves on Islamist ideology

Regarding the actions of the Right Honorable [state] Senators Bonini and Lawson, I rejoice in their beliefs. [“Senators object to reading of Muslim prayer,” article, April 6] On the other hand, I am most distressed at the less-than-knowledgeable constituents of this oh-so-P.C. (politically correct) one-party State of Delaware.

The senators’ PC (pragmatically cautious) actions are to be viewed as the actions of those who understand Muslimist/Islamist/jihadist (all one and the same) is not a religion, but rather, a hardcore ideology dedicated to the extermination of all infidels (Christians of all faith).

Their so-called “Holy Koran” is nothing more than a blueprint of exactly how to go about this extermination in achieving the goal of complete Sharia law. One cannot be a practicing Muslim and believe otherwise. I encourage all Delawareans to read about and educate themselves on the methods of Islamists’ attempts to establish a caliphate. Then, go and apologize to the senators.

The term used throughout the rebuttal about “separation of state and religion” is laughable. That term has been hijacked and come to represent something so far removed from its original intent as to be unrecognizable, and no more than a catchphrase for anyone not willing to learn its real meaning and intent. It just doesn’t withstand the test in this occurrence. Even the Supreme Court begins each session with a prayer.

Christianity is not sacrosanct. Untold numbers have died in the name of Christianity. However, many more have died and continue to die each day in the name of Islam (be reminded: this is an ideology). I defy anyone to cite examples of justified rape, honor killings, murder, pedophilia, incest and outright execution of non-believers in the Holy Bible. And yes, I know the Bible is a bloody book. I also daresay few, if any, of the responders in the 4/7/17 State News article [“Sound Off Delaware – Prayer revolt reaction] have ever heard a shot fired in anger, but can guarantee, when their own closed-minded personal kingdom is violated, they will scream for the veterans to save them.

Or perhaps, in their politically correct haze, they will just forgive the Muslim terrorists/jihadists and persecute the police/first responders/military or responsible citizens who took action to protect them so they may continue to disenfranchise the very principles this country was founded upon.

God bless anyone with the fortitude to stand against a common enemy. Good move, Senators.

Harry Todd


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