LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Democrats’ hypocritical stance on the issues

It has been quite some time since I last expressed my opinion on any subject through our local news outlets but events beginning this past week have filled me with horror and disgust to the point I felt compelled to once again make my thoughts known.

First, let me state clearly and openly that if you are in this country by any means other than according to America’s laws, you are a criminal! All this talk about illegal immigrants or undocumented aliens is used just to whitewash the truth. And if you are a supporter of those criminals, then, because you are abetting and aiding criminals, you are also breaking the law.

But my real purpose in writing this is to make my views very lucid concerning the Pelosis, Bookers, Schumers and Waters in Congress. The display they put on during the State of The Union address left me totally disgusted to the point of wanting to vomit.

The very clear message they sent to that family who lost two teenagers was that they care more for the criminals in America than they do for that family. They might as well have held up a banner that said in large, bright letters that they support murders and rapists rather than victims.

All this talk since last Tuesday about how they have all this love and concern for humanity is nothing more than a scam for their hidden agenda which is to stay in power by duping people into believing they really care for people and America. Their actions (and words) speak volumes about what they are really all about.

I have thought many times during these past days what the Pelosis, Bookers, Schumers and Waters (and others who speak the same language) reactions and positions would be if something happened to their family (I pray not), like happened to that family who lost those two teenagers or the family of that 7-year old who was raped over and over by that piece of trash some people call undocumented?

But of course, those people in Congress don’t worry about such things as they have their bodyguards, live behind gated driveways and high walls. And oh yes, those bodyguards carry weapons while their employers stand on their fancy podiums and spout rubbish about taking guns out of the hands of America’s true citizens!

The people I am talking about are like a cancer of hate slowly eating away at the heart and soul of this great country. They make it clear they are not at all concerned with the real problems facing America as all they talk about is amnesty and loathing! Are they really all that concerned for others? Not on your life! What they see by preaching the filth we hear coming from them day after day, is nothing more than a swing of a few million votes which can keep them in power for years to come.

I find it almost laughable (if it weren’t so sad) how just a few years ago, those same (people) were standing up and talking about how we had to secure our borders to stop the influx of illegals flooding into America.

But now, they see those same numbers as a means to keeping them where they are so they can continue to spread blight so terrible that if allowed to go unchecked will be a disaster. Is it too late?

I hope not and pray that we can find our way back to what this country was founded on and should be all about. And that is a country whose people respect its laws and expect the same from anyone who wishes to come here. It also means a country which respects its citizens.

Joe Schell

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