LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Donald Trump and media mania are incompatible

President Trump has solidly expressed his displeasure of the media in all aspects of their tentacles’ outreach. He has spoken forthrightly about both their printed and spoken undocumented, non-factual myths of untruth. Consistently, these “Confidential” magazine-type carriers of misprint and falsehood do not give up. Their goal of breaking the sensational story overrides any verification of truth as secondary to beating any other outlet with the (be the first with the worst) scoop! They’re experts at this disregard of fact. This may be the reason that ratings for the media in all branches are lower than the ratings for Congress. Will they learn that Americans are not uninformed individuals?

The stumbling block President Trump must contend with is the fact that a better relationship with all congressional members must be attained. Republican and Democratic members must work together (LOL). Their superior, degenerative attitude to the Oval Office is quite evident at every level. Their critical cooperation and contributions [are] mandatory for the success of American greatness.

The Republicans cannot be divided due to personal offenses perceived, aka, Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham must stop their injured egos. The Democrats are still smarting due to the loss of their “candidate” on Nov. 8, 2016. They struck out in the ninth inning with the bases loaded. No expected victory was to be achieved. As so many Americans are saying, “GET OVER IT.” Our future is at stake.

Congressional immaturity is running rampant in both the Senate and the House. The delaying actions performed on so many of President Trump’s cabinet nominees are deplorable (good word when correctly directed)! Let’s get the job done on repeal and replace Obamacare; major tax reforms; a strong, vetted immigration policy; strengthen our military to their ultimate capacity in all needed areas; take care of our veterans and eliminate the neglect they have suffered for many decades. Build our “Great Wall.” No more games must be played by the established political icons. Their Happy Days are at an END! President Trump wants to achieve the major goals he has set forth on the campaign trail, and the blockage and interruptions put forth by these offenders to achieve American growth and prosperity are unacceptable and must be ended. Their days of glory have expired.

The American dream must not be put on hold because of the pollution in the Washington, D.C., quagmire of greed and personal compliance and obsession [with] the past. Americans look forward to their promising future. We have endured for too many years the promises of our political leaders who have never fulfilled those pledges. A new day will dawn once we are able to gain control of the President Trump nay-sayers. Negativity will never override positive action.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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