LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover is falling down its social responsibility

Dover is missing a great opportunity. It could be the “Shining light of the Eastern Shore.” Why isn’t it? Probably for a dozen reasons, but a significant one is the fact that is does precious little about the numbers of “panhandlers” that accost our citizens every day across every venue in the city.

Post office, library, malls, box stores, on the street sitting on embankments, standing at street corners and in parking lots all around our once-proud town. I recently returned to Dover after many years away. I am saddened by the fact that the great, small capital city that I grew up in has deteriorated in its social responsibility to the point that the freedom to walk the streets has become so onerous.

The drug deals and disregard for privacy are contributors to the demise of Dover’s brilliance, but that’s another story. I think the proliferation of panhandlers is atrocious and that it has been allowed to occur because some misguided, mid-level administrators on the Dover City Council or someone in city government have confused social responsibility and care with “feel good” mentality and keep the authorities at bay that could correct the problem and return Dover to its glory days when a walk to town was a pleasant experience – one that would allow one to take in the wonderful architecture and pleasantries and join other gamboling individuals who might enjoy life without fear of being presented with a moral dilemma at every turn.

I would suggest that everyone who has the ability watch the program that can shed some insight regarding this problem – take the time to watch the commentary found at: https://www.facebook.com/JohnStossel/videos/10153700104296621/.

If you don’t have a computer, you can go to the library and use theirs, but be prepared to be confronted by a “panhandler” when you do.

Someone in city government, please wake up and do something about the growing problem of insufficient public service that forces individuals to the streets to beg or enforce laws that would prevent this dark cloud that inhibits the sunshine and pride that could be ours by becoming the “Shining light of the Eastern Shore,” where citizens and visitors can be free of this molestation.

Carl K. Roshong

EDITOR’S NOTE: The term “Eastern Shore” properly refers to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Thus, the Delmarva Peninsula portions of Maryland and Virginia, which touch the Chesapeake Bay, are the Eastern Shore of the bay and the west coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. Delaware is not, but part of Delaware is the western shore of the Delaware Bay (and east coast of the peninsula). Farther south, part of Delaware is part of the western shore of the Atlantic Ocean; farther north, part of Delaware is part of the west bank of the Delaware River.

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