LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dover services, employees ‘second to none’

To the Dover Community:

As citizens, business owners, employees, and members of our local educational institutions, you are reading and hearing many things concerning your city government and its leadership. As an elected official in the city, I would like you to know that you are represented in your districts by individuals who have your best interests in mind at every meeting we attend and in every decision we make.

Please know that we are open to all communication with every citizen, no matter the issue. Having worked with the city of Dover for the past two years as a councilman in the Third District, I have seen firsthand the unwavering work ethic and commitment each department has to this city.

Scott Cole

• The services you are being provided by the staff of the city of Dover are second to none. We have the finest employees of any municipality in the state of Delaware.

• Our police force is interactive and hardworking, and provides safe communities for the citizens. The number of successfully closed cases just reiterates the point that we have top-quality detectives and officers in the Dover P.D.

• Our fire department is made up of volunteers who sacrifice for all the citizens and surrounding areas of Dover. They put their lives on the line and give numerous hours from their families to donate their time and service.

• Our library and its staff are committed to providing community and educational programs and events to better our citizens.

• Our institutions of higher learning and local school districts are providing high-quality education to all of our children, many being nationally recognized for their efforts. They focus on the whole student, from academics to athletics to community service.

• The City of Dover Utility team provides consistent and dependable services every day, no matter the conditions or situations.

• Our hard-working sanitation services keep our city streets clean and respectable, from neighborhood to neighborhood.

• The city’s Parks and Rec department has grown tremendously and provides many opportunities for everyone from pre-school kids to adults.

• Our City Clerk’s office and Customer Service staff keep the city running and are there to answer, assist, and direct citizens in the right direction.

• Our business community should know that Dover is open and willing to work with them to help make this city a great place to conduct business. Many of the businesses here give back to the city and its citizens in a variety of ways.

Do we have our problems and concerns? Absolutely. Are there bumps in the road and disagreements on many issues? Of course. However, you should never lose faith in the staff, the services, and your elected officials. We are here to make Dover a place that you can be proud to call home.

Scott Cole
Dover City Councilman,
3rd District

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