LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dreaming of a ‘meaningful’ political discussion

I’ve long dreamed of the day when people could sit down and discuss politics in a meaningful and civil manner.

I have no issues at being singled out for what I say, but it would be nice if what I said was in error, to have that person use facts instead of launching into a diatribe.

In his recent letter, Mr. Francis A. Bethel III could hardly contain himself. Sadly, however, if we removed the Democratic Party platform, the vitriol, the insults and the pure hatred for our president, he’d have hardly had enough to make a good call in Sound Off. Why can’t Democrats have some original thoughts? And why do those thoughts have to contain adjectives like “liar,” “stupid” and “dictator”?

How anyone can use that last term after eight years of Obama is beyond me. Perhaps they’ve rewritten the dictionary as well. Obama told a CEO of GM to resign, he sent millions of money to his pals at Solyndra so they could retire, he called police “stupid,” the appointment of czars to bypass the Constitution and Congress, the millions of dollars squandered on exotic vacations, using the IRS, FBI, CIA, and NSA to spy on citizens. And you have the gall to imply that Mr. Trump is a dictator?

I was just waiting for the 20 million people who’ll be thrown out of health care. Right on key, there it was. This is just one more lie that the Democrats have repeated often enough, the uninformed just take for granted.

First of all, as there has yet to be a formal health care plan to be unveiled, just where did this magical figure come from? It was said that before Obamacare, 85 percent of Americans had some type of insurance. Currently that figure is much lower even after that hallowed document that we couldn’t be told about until it passed came to light. Even Forbes magazine says that all the figures in the ACA take some creative mathematics.

Before Obamacare passed, illegal aliens were counted but afterwards they were dropped. A huge group of those being dropped from the new bill actually don’t need it as they already qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. The numbers game is a moot point here. The figures are even more tainted when you consider that those on ACA can no longer afford the premiums and seldom meet the deductible. And the real Fascist regime decided that if you’re too poor to pay the premium, they’ll penalize you by taking your income tax refund and more.

Speaking of income tax, just whose idea was it that the president of the U.S. was obligated to show his tax return. Isn’t the president entitled to the same privileges that I and Mr. Bethel enjoy. If he didn’t pay all he was obligated to, certainly the IRS would get to him just like they are Mrs. Bernie Sanders. I was told that both the Obamas should be required to show why they’d lost their Illinois license to practice law or any of the other trivial information that was sealed to the public. Talk about a double standard. How about Mr. Trump show his tax return when Obama turns over a valid birth certificate, Social Security number and his college transcripts.

Then comes the best lie, Meals on Wheels will be ended. Excuse me? Meals on Wheels has never depended on federal assistance so you can’t drop what you never had. Perhaps he meant Planned Parenthood. There’s a sham if there ever was one. They get subsidized by our hard-earned tax money, whether we agree with them or not. Yet they, in turn, sent $734,000 of our tax money to sponsor a Georgia Democrat who was beaten by a Republican who spent one-third of the money he did.

Mr. Bethel claims our allies have been alienated. I’d like to know which ones those allies would be. I surely hope he isn’t referring to France whose new socialist president is upset at our not sending $1 billion to the Paris Climate Accord while no one else invested any money at all. I would remind him that an ally supplies more than lip service and if being the recipient of tax dollars makes them like us better, I don’t consider that much of a loss.

And he just had to play the race card. If there was ever a bigger lie told by Democrats it would be what Lyndon Johnson said about blacks 50 years ago. Obama could have set the standard for race relations in America but within days, he showed his bigotry. Actually, it was much sooner than that as he covered it pretty well of how he thought of white people in his books. Democrats allowed the city of Baltimore and Ferguson as well as the Berkeley campus to be burned by rioters who were actually encouraged to do so. Antifa was set up by them to incite riots and attempt anarchy.

Even CNN now admits the Russian accusations were phony from the start, but to imply that Obama and Hillary were held to higher standard is ludicrous beyond imagination. Both of those two should have already been tried for treason, sedition, and obstruction of justice along with Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, James Comey, and lest we forget, Lois Lerner.

But I will agree on one single point: Americans aren’t stupid. They elected a man who made promises that he’s kept. I seriously doubt he’ll ever drain the swamp and many urchins hide as Republicans and are part of the crookedness that is the inner circle of Washington DC.

I thank God every day that more and more people are seeing the light and understanding that both parties have corruptness that needs to be cleansed.

I’m even more thankful that he’s made the Supreme Court majority of Constitutionalists and in the next three years quite well might have appointed a majority that will last another 50 years until the socialists can be forced back into their closets.

George Roof

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