LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The drum beats of hate

I have never in all my years seen and heard so much hate for the president of the United States. Why, because the news media only prints, interviews and portrays the left and anything that is negative against our sitting president.

Much is happening within our government by people who Obama put in place which has detrimental long reaching affects. Remember the czars? None of these people were vetted and most of them are far left thinkers, socialists along with a few racists thrown in. Most, if not all, of these czars are still in the government, entrenched in a way that they will not be found and always at work to bring this government down.

They have seized control over major aspects of the government policy and programs, bringing along with them their ideas of destroying us from within. When one looks at the background of these czars they find that they have been part of scandals, thefts, kickbacks, offensive statements, conflict of interests and radical left political policies. They tend to operate in the shadows, making policy while answering to no one.

Elizabeth Warren and Van Jones are two of these people. I am sure that you remember them. They have been in the news lately. We heard the president make a very important speech at the summit and he pointed out many issues of concern for this nation and the world dealing with the economy, illegal immigration and I believe race.

He is a very bright individual with a good sense for business which most of the politicians do not. Am I the only one who can see the politicians in Washington are only there to satisfy their own bank accounts? Pelosi is one of the wealthiest women in D.C. and California.

I try to get a good balance of the news in the morning as I watch CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX and anyone who has half a brain can see the bias against Republicans, Conservatives and Christians by the top three. I know, FOX claims to be balanced, however, I do see some bias there as well. However, you will get more of what is really happening in and around this country then any of the others that give a little truth wrapped up in a lot of lies.

We have seen politics played out on the national football stage when, instead of standing for our national anthem and respecting our flag, men (who by the way earn countless millions because of the freedom it represents) takes the knee.

The football league says that is OK, however, when a patriot group wants to pay for and run an ad saying, “Please Stand for the National Anthem”, they are told that it is a political statement and the ad would not be allowed.

The media doesn’t seem to care when an illegal alien murders someone, but, let a police officer shoot someone in the line of duty and it is standing room only for reporters. Well, as someone said, “I can’t quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country, but, consider it punishment to be sent back there.”

We need to secure our borders, lower taxes for everyone, create new jobs, bring back the businesses lost during the Clinton, Bush and Obama eras. And if anyone watched the State of the Union on Tuesday night I hope that you took notice of attitudes across the faces of the Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi as she chewed gum or tried to get popcorn out from between her teeth, not sure which.

I was also surprised by the Black Caucus sitting behind her with folded arms and not showing any excitement about the fact that the black unemployment rate had dropped tremendously over the past year. This should be a great thing and yet they looked like they were not happy about blacks getting jobs, no applause.

Already the media is trying to shred the speech and the president apart, finding nothing good to say.

For all of those who dislike President Trump so much I have one question, “Will you give back all the money that your 401K or IRA has made over the past year to the government and request only what you would have earned over the previous eight years?”

And the drum beat continues.

John Gondeck
Denton, Md.

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